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Drill Lock Burglars, Don’t EVER Give Up!

I just re-read a page in a great book, by Winston Churchill, titled “Maxims and Reflections.” I dog-ear my favorite pages in books and go back to them every know and then. This one is called “Maxims and Reflections” I have a major security marketing idea here to share with you in this email.

“Maxims and Reflections” is all about having an unshakable foundation, having strength and courage to meet any situation in life. Pay attention cuz it’s gonna set the tone for the next couple of years with President Obama’s economic policy plans.

An Iron Peg
In this book, Churchill tells a story about a British General, named Tudor, who commandeered the British Fifth Army when it faced a massive German assault in March of 1918. The odds were heavily against him, yet General Tudor knew how to meet an apparently immovable and undefeatable obstacle. His method was quite simple. He merely stood up and let the obstacle break on him and he, in turn, broke the obstacle!

Here is what Winston Churchill said about General Tudor (this is an amazing sentence and is filled with POWER): “The impression I had of General Tudor was that of an iron peg, hammered into the frozen ground, immovable.”

General Tudor knew how to stand up to any dire circumstance. And you, too (like Tudor), need to rise, face the challenge and be a force to be reckoned with! To get yourself started, just stand up to it – that’s all baby – and don’t ever give way under it, because it will eventually break over you! YOU WILL BREAK IT. Something has to break and it won’t be you – I promise you that!

Just do what I tell you to do in my Smokin’ Security Newsletters and Maverick Coaching Program and this economy will not be an obstacle!

You can easily apply the same type of resolve that General Tudor had against the Germans in your local economy if in fact you use my multi-tiered security marketing assault program to incapacitate your competitors and win more installs!

It’s always the “darkest just before the light.” You have to believe in yourself and your ability to carry things out even when you are at your darkest moment.

It’s at that moment when you find out who you really are and what the make up of your character is.

Anyone can steer the ship when the waters are calm, but it’s the real, courageous captain who can steer the ship when the waters become rough and uncharted.

So if you have a solid marketing system in place… and believe in yourself… and have the courage to stand your ground, you can be successful – even in this dire economy!

One more thing…

“The man who looks for security, even in the mind, is like a man who would chop off his limbs in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble”

Drill Lock Burglars

Here’s a little something you should take a quick peek at…it’s a great, little video of some perps ripping off an apartment building in Southern Cal.  Detectives at the L.A.P.D. are calling these hoodlums “drill lock burglars.”

What’s interesting about the video is that the thieves are breaking into commercial buildings with new tactics (actually old tactics that they’re re-purposing.)  By utilizing some cordless drills, these dudes are able to make off with some hots goods!  This is something burglars will see on YouTube and start employing in their own burglary strategies.  After all, they all learn new tricks from each other.

Listen Up and Listen Up Good
For you, the security installer, if you want to crack the code to this commercial security market, then you need to send the right message (which I will craft for you) to the right market (i.e. property managers, condo associations, facility managers, high-rise associations, etc.) at the right time (now!)

For all you Smokin Security Newsletter subscribers and all you Maverick Coaching Club members, you’ll soon be getting a marketing piece that’s crafted to target and penetrate clients in this lucrative commercial security market and attract them to you like moths to a flame!

In My House…
If you train under my roof, then it’s my job to arm you with every skill and weaponry necessary to win the security marketing battle in your small town or big cities.

If you’re my client, I really do care about you and your success.

Have a Gr8 weekend!

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