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Education Based Security Marketing Will Put More Money In Your Pocket Gu-ran-teed…

Why Education-Based Security Marketing (EBSM) Will More Put Money in Your Pocket Gua-ran-teed…

Q. Hey Bob,
I have just received your three free reports in the mail. I am extremely interested in learning and developing a succesful business. I have just gotten into the alarm/CCTV industry during the last three months. I am interested in your programs, as I want to grow this business to ridiculous levels! We have gone from 0 alarm customers to 25 this month. An adequate start, but not enough to live the lifestyle I am seeking.

While I have not been on this side of the industry before, I was the Director of Security for several different retailers in Canada. The only hesitation that I have to signing up is that my myself and my family have only been in this area for 6 months. I don’t have more than 25 contacts, in addition to our residential installs completed. Are you able to assist someone such as myself that has such limited contacts?

Robert. D

Hi Rob,

My security marketing systems were built on the ground floor when I had probably just as many accounts (or less) than you presently have. The program I would recommend for you is the Smokin Security Newsletter, there are more how to examples of how to attract security clients that Pay, Stay, and Refer. Than any other place on the planet…

The last 2 months I’ve featured 3 outrageously successful security exhibits that are serious deal closers in my own security biz.The monthly audio CD’s that come with each issue will get your blood pumping and make you feel motivated to take on the world. On top of that you we can chat 4 times a year about your most pressing business building issues. When your security business starts kicking butt you can upgrade to any of my other more intense security marketing programs, but if you want a “taste” the Smokin’ Security Newsletter is the place to start. The SSN  is the value meal if you know what I mean!

With that said  it’s only a $1.00 plus $5.99 S&H to take a test drive of the Newsletter for one month and I’m throwing in over $2,000 in bonuses if you decide to remain in the program after your first issue. Better yet, there are no contracts to sign, crazy cancellation procedures, you can simply quit at any time… Just check out the Smokin’ Security Newsletter webpage, and see all the amazing stuff you get!

P.S. Rob, your in the right place if your looking to grow your business, all we ask for is desire and ambition!

If you have any questions just give me a call! 1-866.462.3528


P.S.  By the way  Robert D. took my advice and become a Smokin’ Smokin Newsletter subscriber…

P.S.S.  Fortune favors the fearless!

Q.Hey Bob,
I’ve been reading your emails diligently and love what you say about education-based security marketing.Can you tell me a some more on why I should be doing this.
Hey Tony here’s your answer…

EBSM ™  Education Based Security Marketing is a very effective and easy strategy for converting prospect to clients. Educating them, not only about what you can do for them, but about what they will get and how they will benefit by having a security system, access control system, video surveillance system, interactive videomonitoring system, home theater system, etc. installed is crucial in closing the sale. Clients that are interested in a security installation are going to choose your company to do the install based on the way you present information to them – especially if you’re price point is higher!If you position yourself as the “security expert” and the most knowledgeable, reputable installer, 96% of the time, you’ll get the job (we have to allot for “tire-kickers” and “lookey-loo’s” here!)
Remember, most prospects that you meet and talk with do not have a clue about what they are looking for when it comes to having a security system or sound system or video monitoring system (etc, etc, etc.) installed.That’s YOUR JOB to be the teacher and educate them on what their options are and how they will benefit.

Think about it (because this goes for me as well)…If I was in need of a tummy tuck and a Botox injections, I would be uneducated about these cosmetic enhancements (I just want to let you know I don’t pretend to know everything!). Hey it’s late Thursday night and I have a right to be a little goofy! But I would first consult with several plastic surgeons about the pro’s and con’s and long term effects of having a tummy tuck and Botox injections because the last thing I’d want would be to have a frozen face with too many Botox injections! Then I would digest the info I was given and choose the Doc who offered me the most *content* about the procedure because he/she would be the expert. I’d be looking for the real Cuban cigar, and not someone trying to advise me on a Dutch Master!
When you take the time to educate your prospect, you position yourself as being the *obvious security expert* in your market and someone who really knows and cares about your clients’ needs.
Security Marketing Bull-Shit-DetectorOne thing that many prospects have on is a “BS Detector”. Even though they may not have a clue about all the electronic security gizmos that we install, they are keenly aware if the sales rep is “The Joker” from Gotham City who uses a goofy, trickster-styel sales approach.

One of the key phrases I use is, “Whether you decide to use me or not.” I use this whenever I’m giving advice to a prospect. It’s a very powerful form of “take away selling”. By using that wording, I am subliminally telling my prospect, “Hey, it really doesn’t matter to me if you decide to utilize my security services. I’ve got so many clients and prospects calling me that if you don’t hire me someone else will. I just want to help.” Please read this post and you’ll understand my thinking  Hot Chick in High School.

If a security sales rep or dealer is desperate, this desperation will come through when they are talking with a prospect. People can hear it, smell it, feel it and taste it! Coming across as being in dire need of making the sale is a very bad position to be in. The person who doesn’t need to make the sale, is always in the position of power!
If you read my 10 Security Business Owner’s Commandmentsthen you can start modeling yourself after moi.

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