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Emotionally Driven Copy For A Security Ad – June 2010 – Smokin’ Security Newsletter

Blasted Burglars
Betty was a very patient and gentle person. Lately, however, her generosity was being put to the test. Her home, that had once been in such a lovely neighborhood when she moved into it 33 years prior, is now in the middle of a declining drug-infested neighborhood. She had been broken into several times over the years, but none were quite like this one. Her belongings were scattered across the floors or missing, and many things were damaged beyond repair.

Betty was almost in tears with frustration and fear and felt there was no one who could protect her…until she found us. We were quickly able to determine what kind of security system she would need to keep her, and her home, safe from break-ins, vandalism and theft. She soon realized that she had been allowing these burglars to control her life for far too long and did not mind if the installation and setup took a day, as long as it did its job and kept her safe.

“Being safe is my only concern,” she said. “I’ve had other forms of security, but none have given me that ‘safe’ feeling I get with Dayton Security Systems.” When her new security system was installed and up and working, with a smile Betty said, “I feel safer already!”

It’s been five years since we installed that security system for Betty and she has not had one burglar in her home since. If you talk to her today, she still feels very safe and secure at home-even with a crazy world at her doorstep!

We would be pleased to help you with your security problems and show you how we can make you feel comfortable and secure by protecting your home, family and self from those blasted burglars! Give us a day or two and you’’ll be well protected…guaranteed!

Emotionally Driven Direct Response Copy
Betty’s story and how Dayton Security solved her security nightmares is included in a full-page ad that I wrote and designed for Norm Dayton in this month’s issue of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter. I’ve included most of the ad’s text above because it’s imperative that you learn that selling security systems has nothing to do with your company logo or the products you install and everything to do with identifying with your markets’ emotional security wants and needs. This can be done successfully by using emotionally compelling stories – like Betty’s. Facts tell, stories sell, my friend!

Free Standing Insert Ads – An Under-Utilized Marketing Strategy By Security Dealers
This piece is perfect for a free-standing ad in your local newspapers or magazines. Free-standing insert ads are a very under-used marketing strategy by security dealers and are a dirt-cheap way to advertise. It’s a great way to build-up visibility in your marketplace (and become omni-present.) It’s also a great piece to use as hand-out when you meet-and-greet new prospects….heck, you could even use it as a full-page ad in the yellow pages!

Inside June’s issue of the Smokin’, you’ll find out:

  • How the most successful security dealers  have 5-10 targeted websites…all spewing black gold!
  • Uncover a little-know secret for turning your clients testimonials into full page ads.
  • How to position yourself as a problem solver, not a service provider.
  • This strategy, called “Delayed Selling”, takes balls and confidence and why you should use it in your sales strategy!
  • One teenie-weenie trick that will teach you how to quote more jobs than you though was humanly possible!
  • A highly-unusual trick for getting more facebook fans.
  • What is the first thing to look for if your’re selling home alarms in low-rent neighborhoods?

Audio Success CD. Charlie Cleary CEO of Always Alert Security – How he hauled in 22 presold security clients.

To All You International Peeps…
I will be in Ireland over the next two weeks and will be at The Decent Cigar Emporium in Dublin, Ireland on Monday July 12th. If you want meet and connect, shoot me a message through facebook.

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