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The FBI Gives You A Free DVD On How To Install Kick Butt CCTV Systems

Here’s a really cool video I came across from the FBI. It’s 21 minutes long, but it’s an awesome video that shows you some of the basics for installing video surveillance. You’re probably thinking you know most of it anyway, but you may just come away with some “nuggets” that you can present to potential clients. Some of the information you should be using in your CCTV/video surveillance sales presentations. It’s the top sales reps and security dealers that are always looking to sharpen their swords.

Here’s a couple of the topics that the FBI’s Forensic Video Team covers in the video:

  • Recognition-Quality Images
  • Dynamic Range
  • Light Balances
  • Sight Lines
  • Camera Positioning
  • Video Storage
  • Knowledgeable Technicians

The video is loaded with Gr8 advice – from the FBI! It’s worth taking 20 minutes out of your time and sitting down with a pen and paper and taking notes while watching the video (the link to the video is below).

Utilizing Education Based Security Marketing (EBSM) – the more you educate your prospects the more you are going to sell. The bottom line is – the more you tell, the more you sell!

After watching this FBI video, you’ll realize that you don’t have to sell the hokiest cameras and the cheapest recorders out there. Being able to give your clients and prospects empirical proof that you will install a Fort Knox-style surveillance system will put you and your quote head-and-shoulders above your competition.

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To watch the video, click play below

Free FBI Training DVD
Hey, if you’d like a copy of the FBI video, they are offering free DVD’s – just go email the FBI at Make sure to include your name, title, organization, street address, city, zip and phone.) You must be in the security field in order to get your hands on a copy.

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Fathers Days to all you Dads out there! I’m incredibly lucky to have two beautiful girls, and a loving and caring wife. Be grateful for everything you’ve got.

Have a gr8 weekend!


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