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Find Out The Scariest Reason Why You Are Losing Security Clients!

Getting ready for Halloween today. I can’t wait! I’ve always loved Halloween ever since I can remember. My favorite scary character is a zombie. I’m having a big ol’ Halloween blow-out at my house. Got a bunch of little ones showing up around 1pm for a Halloween Hoe-Down! My kids are so excited…they’ve been counting down the days till Halloween for the last 2 weeks!

Zombie Thinking…
Most security and low voltage installers are operating with total DISREGARD for the quality of clients vs. quantities of clients that they attract.

Zombie Thought #1: thinking a client is a client is a client and thinking any client is just as good as another. You can actually go dead-broke rustling up large quantities of low quality scoring customers, especially if the cost of acquiring them creeps up on you…how spooky is that!

Zombie Thought # 2: Being unwilling to strategize and and invest time and resource in acquiring more valuable clientele.

Zombie Thought #3: Just because you send someone a monthly or quarterly bill for your service doesn’t mean that you have a real and deep and meaningful relationship with them. They come to you for their security needs, but they stay around because of the relationship you build with them. If you are not reaching out and nurturing your client base with a thank you card, client newsletter, special offers, client appreciation days, and client referral systems then you are leaving your client base (by far, your biggest asset) wide open for other security installers to infiltrate. by keeping in contact with your clients, you are building a “client for life”relationship and protecting your client base from the Attack Of The Zombies.

48 Hours Left Until Halloween…So Get Yourself A Well-Deserved Halloween Treat, Courtesy of Bob Maunsell, The Security Marketing Guru

This month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter is shipping out this week and the primary focus is on “How To Get More High-End Security Installs.” This niche market is truly ripe for marketing high-end security systems to.

Here’s what your missing if you haven’t already signed up for the Halloween issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter (plus there’s a scary treat inside!):

The Affluent Issue

  • A full color handout of my proprietary ad called “The Ring of Protection” that you can swipe and deploy in your own security business. When you see this ad, your jaw will hit the ground… I wish I could be there standing next to you to see your eyeballs light-up. You’ll then know why I’m called the Security Marketing Guru!!
  • How to start highly profitable and successful side business in your pajamas.
  • How to sell more CCTV/Video surveillance, Panic Rooms, GMS monitoring and other affluent security services.
  • Why the wealthy like to make buying decisions based on tier-packaged security solutions.
  • Why you should have compelling names for your packaged security systems.
  • The easy way to sell upgrades and add-ons to the affluent market.
  • Why it’s a big no-no to use stock photos in your security ads.
  • A smokin’ security marketing ad done from outer space…believe me, you won’t want to miss this one!
  • How to be perceived as a “legit” security expert.
  • A 56 word Done-4-U sales pitch, that you should include in your sales presentations, that will double, triple, quadruple your closing rates!
  • How to create a “Ring of Protection” testimonial book…BTW social proof is the easiest way to sell security systems.
  • Discover why you shouldn’t use people in your ads with Botox injections, and men who have veneers.
  • What is the best FREE tool Google has for creating OTB (outside the box) security ads.
  • Ring of Protection – Security Marketing Ad

I would love to be at your office/home when you rip open the package to your Smokin’ Security Newsletter and see your eyeballs pop open when you see this piece I created, just for you!

Confidential Report – #1
How to Create your “Ring of Protection” security marketing flyer. After you see my “Ring of Protection” ad, you will never look at marketing your business the same way again. This will be the best treat you have ever gotten on Halloween!

Confidential Report – #2

  • How to target the affluent market for more referrals!
  • The endless chain of referrals…the best way for getting referrals from these folks.
  • The proper way to ask for referrals.
  • Included are two (2) scripts for asking for more high-end referrals.
  • Why you should be using focus groups in your business.
  • Audio Success CD – Marketing To The Affluent with Pam Danziger of Unity Marketing And Author of “Putting The Luxe back In Luxury.”
  • Why people buy.
  • The Good – Better -Best Options for selling to the affluent.
  • How to deal with the whimsies of affluent people.
  • Why you, the business owner, should be the FACE of your company.
  • Discover the impact surveys can have on your bottom line.

In my opinion, the most valuable skill and asset you can possess is not just being able to install a security system, but being able to market the security system to your prospects and clients….that’s were the money happens! And that’s what I’m hear to teach you! You can learn these skills and so much more by becoming a member to my Smokin’ Security Newsletter coaching club.

If you sign up today, you’ll get all that we discussed above, plus two (2) free back issues and four (4) audio success CD’s for FREE….all I ask is that you pick up the freight cost of $5.95. As a member, during your first two month’s membership, you’ll get over $2,500 of bonus treats! Check out the Smokin’ Security Newsletter for the details.

Happy Halloween!

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