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Five Key Ingredients for an ESP Style Security Business!


It really surprises me how most security dealers and low voltage installers never put themselves in their clients’ or prospects’ position. Why else would they make doing business with them so hard?

When people call your office or stop by, how well versed is your office staff? How much time have you spent developing sales scripts, phrases, questions and advice for your staff and technicians to ASK or OFFER clients or prospects?

Do You Take Your Clients For Granted?
How much do you take your customers, prospects and business for granted? By merely stepping outside your office and walking up to your business wearing the hypothetical shoes of your prospect, you should see a lot of flaws in your operation. Once they are remedied, you can dramatically improve your current and repeat business potential.

By making it inviting, easy, informative, non-threatening, educational, inspiring and fun to do business with you, you’ll loft your security company above your competition.

It’s not just “Wowing” the customer, but truly knocking their socks off at every single point of contact!

Five Secret Ingredients To Creating An E.S.P. (Easy, Successful, and Profitable) Style Security Business.

  1. You cannot SERVICE too much.
  2. You cannot EDUCATE enough.
  3. You cannot INFORM too much.
  4. You cannot offer too much FOLLOW-UP and FOLLOW-THROUGH.
  5. You cannot make calling or coming into your business too DESIRABLE.

L.A.M.E.  vs. E.S.P
It takes less effort to create a L.A.M.E security business then to create an E.S.P. style security business.



Which type of security business do you want to have?


  1. security-systems-uk says

    Service, i believe is one of the single biggest factors in getting repeat customers. If you can make sure your customers are looked after, they will pass on your name without hesitation to the next prospect and sing your praise! Good advice. Thanks

  2. Bob Maunsell says

    In this digital age, good ol’ fashion customer service and care is KING!

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