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Future Generation Alarm Owners

I hope you and all that are near and dear to your ol’ heart had a fantastic Christmas. We sure as heck had an awesome Christmas in Massachusetts (no snow so far this year, temps have been in the 40’s.) My wife, Natasha, did a truly incredible job getting the house in order and having a Christmas ho-down at my house with our families.

Before I share with you all the New Year Gifts I’ve included for you in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, I’d like to share with you a note I just got from a fellow security installer and new member of the Smokin’ newsletter…


Just to drop you a note about your Smokin Security Newsletter. Being a new member I had the question what can he tell me about marketing my security company that I did not know. Being in the business over twenty years you think you know everything and heard everything. Bob is like a friend who looks at your marketing and gives your advice that you probably know but never implemented. The newsletter is worth the money. If you use just one idea you are way ahead of the cost.

Patrick Kelly
Kelly Protection
Granada Hills, CA

Before the ball drops in Times Square for the New Year, I’d like to share with you a couple of gifts that my Smokin’ Security Newsletter has for you this month that can impact your bottom line. Here are so extra money-making presents that you can add to under your tree.

New Years New Eve Gift # 1 – How To Connect With Future Generation Alarm Owners
The long term survival of your security business depends on how well you can connect with the next generation of consumers called “Millennials” born between 1985 and 2004. Do you know how to “Crack The Code” to communicating with this generation whose purchasing power is estimated at $200 billion dollars?


New Years Eve Gift # 2 – Winter 2011 Client Newsletter
If you want to be considered a legitimate security expert/celebrity/advisor then you NEED to be showing up in your clients’ mailbox on a regular basis. The Service That Soars™ client newsletter will do this for you. A client newsletter is a cornerstone piece of having a Robotic Security Sellling™ system in place. Utilizing a client newsletter, in your security business, will help lead you to an E.S.P style business – on that is Easy, Successful and Profitable! All you have to do is just plop and drop your logo on to this smokin’ hot newsletter and get it out the door.

New Years Eve Gift # 3 – Wicked Cool FaceBook Fan Page Contest
A great way to draw traffic to your FB Fan Page and sales to your business is by running this wicked cool contest that generates a lot of buzz and gets your clients involved. Here at SMG we have created an offline contest to drive a stampede of traffic to your FB fan page. With this FB contest we created it will look like you own the entire state where you do business. This contest I created is a Robotic Security Ad that can be used for all off 2012 and beyond. I give you a step-by-by blow on how to make this FB ad work 24/7/365.

New Year Eve Gift #4 – A Special Audio Success CD
I guarantee if you listen to this 2-part CD series twenty times over the next year and implement the marketing strategies I give you in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, you will NOT be the same. You will be a new-and-improved, extraordinary security dealer living the life you want! Marketing is the best drug to infuse into your business…it will take your business to an all-time high and keep it leveraged there.

These CD’s include timeless material that will help skyrocket your security business. I have listened to them nothing short of 100 times. Part 1 of the CD series was included in the November issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter. Part 2 is included in the December issue. For any new sign ups, we will send out both of the CD’s so you will have the entire series.

Yes, Bob! I Want Your Free Trail Offer of The Smokin’ Security Newsletter with Your New Years Eve Gifts.

More Stocking Stuffers:

I’m not done with you just yet!

– How would you like to see a simple, rinky-dink Turkey Day card that gave me 13.92% R.O.I?

– Add a Shock & Awe element to your invoices for prompt and courteous payment.

– How much is your time worth? Do you really even know?

– Why you need to be “RUTHLESS” with your time management skills if you want to sell more systems.

– How to create Multiplied Sales

Even If You’re The Greatest Security Sales Rep On The Planet, Your Time Is Limited, And The Convincing Business Still Sucks!

This issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter is all about creating YOUR own success in 2012.

Let’s get started making 2012 your best and most profitable year yet!

Now, let’s go smoke your competition!

Click here for your FREE trail offer of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter.

Now Go Smoke Your Competition!Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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