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Good News for Security Businesses, Money Never Sleeps!

In last weeks’ post on my Security Marketing Blog, I told you that I drove into Boston with my friend, Rich Donahue, to see the band Rush play at the Boston Garden. The show was sensational and they played a killer, two-part set that kicked butt. If you’re a Rush fan, then you’d probably want to know that Rush played the entire “Moving Pictures” album during the second half of the show.

In fact, the whole trip to Boston (a.k.a. Beantown), a world-class city, famed for it’s Boston accents, sports teams, brownstones, high-end restaurants, Irish bars – including the bar Cheers, world class universities, clam chowder (chowdah), high-end shopping, and The Cradle of Liberty where a lot of revolutionary action took place back in the 1700’s, was a great antidote for the lyrics to the “Recession Song.”

Your probably scratching your head right now wondering what the heck song is that…it’s certainly not a Rush tune, and you’re right cuz it’s a blues song! The “Recession Song” is what I refer to as the media’s spewing of gloom and doom and double-dip recessions. It seems like every time I put on the T.V., the news stations are singing the blues over and over again, like a broken record!

You know what I mean…

  • Unemployment will hover around 10% for the next year.
  • Retail spending is way off.
  • The Shadow Inventory of homes lurks over the U.S.
  • The global economic recovery is worse then expected.

Not so!

Money Never Sleeps
It was after a weeknight out in Boston, that I saw just how much commerce and buying is really happening right now, despite the Recession Song. And it’s just not happening in wealthy cities like Boston. Folks are spending money around the clock and will always spend money as long as they have a compelling reason to spend their money.

“Welcome To Worcester,” Says Toll Booth Willie (Adam Sandler)
I was driving back and forth, from my old office in Worcester to my new office in West Boylston, and I couldn’t help but notice how:

  • Every restaurant on Shrewsbury Street (our major dining district) was jam packed at lunch time.
  • The Best Buy’s parking lot was full.
  • Barnes & Noble bookstore was hopping.
  • Wal-Mart & Target were both stuffed to the gills with customers.
  • Everyone was walking around with the latest tricked-out Iphones & Ipads.
  • The cars in line at Dunkin’ Donuts were 10-15 deep waiting for a cup of “pick-me-up!”

If these activities are taking place between the little-bitty town of West Boylston and Worcester then they’re taking place in anytown and everytown in the good ol’ USA….which isn’t what the headline news would have you believing. I’m telling you, lower-to-middle-upper-income-class folks are still spending money!

“I Will Choose Free Will…”
Rush opened the show in Boston with one of my favorite songs off of the “Permanent Waves” album, called “Free Will.” The song’s lyrics deal with the subject of free will, emphasizing that free will is not a gift but rather a choice, explaining that man can attempt to evade the fact that he must choose, but that evasion in itself is a choice.

You can choose to believe that everything is going right down the shi*ter in a hand basket, or you can believe that this time is a golden opportunity to exploit opportunity in your marketplace.

Whatever you sell – if it solves a legitimate security need- there are people who need it and will pay for it….right now! As long as that’s true, opportunity never runs out in your market.

You can use your free will to destroy your future or to build it…you can decide to or not to send out a quarterly client newsletter, or to or not to do a trade show, or to or not to send out a direct mailing, or to or not to set up a client referral system.

Remember, the news media mostly hijacks your imagination to get your attention based on what you FEAR. It’s exploitation. It robs you. Can you think of one single thing that fear has ever provided for you?

Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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