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HEAT = High Intensity Athletic Training. Build Your Security Business Through Working New Angles!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 5:45am, I’m in Audra’s HEAT class. This is the same gal who introduced my wife to the Chanel Beauty counter.  Audra attacks her HEAT class with the  same zeal she uses during her shopping sprees. I dread this class ‘cuz  I get my butt whipped!  Audra mixes up the workout every time so your body never gets used to what your doing.  The class lasts an hour and a half.  But I gotta be honest here, I usually leave a half hour early because I have other commitments (cough, cough), at least that’s what I tell Audra!  The fact of the matter is, I can barely hold myself up after an hour and I know if I stayed the whole class I’d be taken to the hospital and admitted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

All joking aside, this is really my favorite workout of the week because it challenges me mentally and physically.  Sure I could just go to the weight room and lift weights like all the other guys and then jump on a tread mill. And I would have exactly what the other guys  have—big arms, big belly and no stamina!

If you want dramatic results, you have to do things outside of the box (OTB).  Folks talk about living OTB, but don’t practice it.  I do practice what I preach!  I really wanted to change how my body looked, so I stopped lifting weights and took another approach. Regular weight training every day wasn’t doing jack for me. Hey when I was in my 20’s I loved bench-pressing and doing curls, but now that I’m married, with two kids I need a different kind of workout.  I needed someone to teach me exercises that would hit all the areas of my body and from new angles.  I’m not afraid of change.  I relish it! And wow what a difference its made.   Sometimes a whole lot of  good comes from doing things from another angle.

P.S. Do ya like the little subliminal marketing message in this one? Have A Great Weekend Everybody!


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