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I Have A Dream…To Help Every Security Dealer Attain A Massive Cash Surge!

Check out this awesome email I received the other day!


I have always run a successful security guard/alarm response business. I made decent side money, and enjoyed a career as a Security Manager for a large American shopping center developer. I was laid off in February of ‘09 and decided to get into alarm installations, as a value add to my current business.

My alarm install biz has been very slow. I really don’t know what to do. I lost my father (you share the same birthday) on June 1, so I didn’t really have much time to get out and advertise the installation side of the business during the summer.

I did some piece by piece things with no real success. I happened across your website and I found the folder with some reports you sent me, but I really cannot afford to subscribe to you right now.

What are your suggestions? I can’t find another job, and I can’t live off what my business is bringing in.

Please help me – tell your wife you’re not giving the store away, you’re just letting me look around after closing.

Thank you.


John J.

I Have A Dream…To Help Every Security Dealer Attain A Massive Cash Surge!
Hey John, help is on the way!  If you need cash, fast, then here are nine quick strategies you can implement that will “bring home the bacon” for your security business.  Seeing you’re a little cash-strapped, at the moment, pick a few of the strategies and, as you make more $$$$, add more strategies.  You do, however, have to implement some of the tactics within the next week or two. Tony Robbins always says:  think “MASSIVE ACTION”. Therefore, take “MASSIVE ACTION”…immediately!  This will almost certainly pull you out of any sales slump. Besides, it’s probably your lack of action that got you in hot water in the first place; don’t let it keep you there.

  1. For my Maverick Coaching Club Members:  Send out the “Cash Surge Letter” to all of your old clients and current ones you haven’t heard from in a while. People love a deal and if you read my article about P.J.’s Bar & Grill, everybody looooves a good deal!  And what American’s love is VALUE, not necessarily the cheapest price, but the most bang for the buck. So create a “recession special” for an upcoming promotion.
  2. Run a “Referral Contest.”  Whoever refers the most new clients to you in a month gets a $100 gift certificate to a Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse or another fine restaurant in your area. My all-time biggest money-making referrals came last year when I did a contest for a free trip Mexico.  I used my accountant in my marketing pieces, throughout the year, to “pimp out”  my Mexico contest. I generated $625,000 from this one strategy alone…are you sitting down, if not, then do so now…I paid around $3,000 in referral fees for brining in $625,000 in sales!. Now, that’s putting a whole heck of a lot more moola in your pocket!
  3. Raise your rates!  Most security dealers, that I know, are about $20-$25 an hour under-billing their services.  You’re leaving a a lot of “dough on the kitchen table” by not charging more for your level of expertise. Look at yourself as a “Doctor.”  You’ve put your time into this trade, worked long hours as an apprentice, and then  taken courses at your local voke school to earn your license. Don’t under-value your expertise. Raising your rates is an easy way to “pitch” a service agreement contract. It gives your clients a sense of value by locking them in at a reduced labor rate. By doing this your creating an stream of RMR. The more streams the merrier!
  4. Call three or four liked minded companies (e.g.  IT Professionals, Electricians, Locksmiths) and just ask if they would like to do a J.V. (Joint Venture) with you.  Something as easy as doing a direct mailing to each others mailing list or throwing a “Technology Day,”  where both companies bring each others clients together for the latest and greatest in technology in each others fields. The power of two is stronger than the power of one. Create a synergy with local, non-competing companies in your market that can spoon-feed you HOT leads.
  5. Call a few associations, in your area, and talk to the person in charge of business development about promoting a free “Lunch and Learn” to their members or giving all of their members a “Get Out of a Security Jam, Free” Card, which is basically a free service call. Talk about an easy way to get your foot in the door, showing off your expertise, and create a blizzard of up-selling!
  6. Think back about campaigns or promotions you’ve done in the past that really kicked butt. What you need to do, now, is just blow the dust off of those campaigns, spice them up, and get them back in the mail.  If they worked once, there’s a damn good chance they’ll work again.
  7. If the phone ain’t ringing off the hook, just pick-up the phone and start placing outbound calls to your key accounts and just say “THANKS” for your business and check up on their security system. I betcha a dollar for a donut that they will have a project for you, or the next best thing –  a sweet referral. Just picking up the phone and making a call, right now, it’s that easy to do…and it’s easier not to do. Always remember  The Slight Edge; it applies to every aspect of your life.
  8. Send all of your clients a funny, zanny seasonal postcard like the six annual postcards I send out (Halloween, Turkey-Day, My B-Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks Day, and Forth of July postcards) or send out a personal hand-written note. Theses types of postcards get a lot of mileage cuz people pass them around and get a good laugh out of them. Stop being a stiff…don’t be afraid to show a little character!
  9. Now this one takes some balls, but hey, so what!  When I first started my security business I relied on cold-calling to literally put food on the table. If I didn’t do this at the beginning, I don’t know where I would be right now. I’d probably be looking for an economic bailout, myself. I had the “brass tacks” to make call after call after call. Swallowing my pride, I got pretty darn good at it. I still have no problem picking up the phone and calling a new prospect five-to-six times, which is what I used to do. People don’t take you seriously till after the forth call, anyway. I  don’t have to cold-call anymore cuz once these guys are in my funnel they are smart-bombed to oblivion with targeted direct mail pieces and are CALLING ME UP!

Believe me, I don’t miss those days of “ground pounds” through the yellow pages looking for a prospect with a pulse. But if I didn’t have to dial for dollars, back in the day, I wouldn’t be the copywriter that I am today.  It was those early days where I learned to sell over the phone and learned the nuances and phrases essential to building relationships and trust.

I, The Security Marketing Guru, want “YOU”  to personally pick up the phone and call at least three (3) dream accounts you have put off calling, either because you were to busy or didn’t have the sack to call these people. The dream accounts are the ones you think are “untouchable.” After the pleasantries – ask them this exact phrase:  “Would you give my security company at least one chance to prove our expertise to you…because I would like to earn your future business, and also would like to earn your trust and confidence?”  That is a patent-pending, Bob Maunsell phrase that I used to win clients over and over again. Go ahead and try it (put it in an email if you’d like) and you can thank me later!

People hate telemarketers but many people will appreciate a ballsy call like that. Guys and gals, the secret weapon to all of this is:  after you make a connection with that person…send them a personal “Thank You” note for taking the time out of their busy day to speak with you.  Then put their name into your database and start a “dripping campaign” of sales letters and postcards, coupled with some follow-up phone calls.

These tactics are exactly what this Mac-Daddy deployed (a little Air Force lingo) to start the snowball rolling down the hill!

So, John, my dream for you in 2010 is to dream BIG.  I have given you a peek into my store and have given you more than enough info to get yourself out of any slump.  Now, all you need to do is IMPLEMENT!

Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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