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Help Wanted – I Need A Security Dealer In Atlanta, Georgia

An interesting thing just happened to me. I received a call from a client named  Joel Johnson.  Joel has been a security client of my security integration business for several years now. We’ve  installed video surveillance cameras and a ton of proximity card readers, at his high tech facility, over the years.

Security Marketing Guru's Favorite Steak JointJoel was calling me cuz he just finished reading last month’s issue of my “Service That Soars” newsletter (that I send out to all clients and prospects) and he wanted to make sure my office had received the “Special Response Offer” he had just faxed over.  This “offer” was a special insert I use in my newsletters to stimulate interest in my services and soft-selling security installations and upgrades.

One thing that I have noticed over the last 14years is that the monthly newsletter we send out – via the good old U.S. Post Office – is that they have a “Hang Around” and “Pass Around” effect with my residential and commercial clients. They are kept on coffee tables and desks at many homes and offices.   I loving refer to them as my salesmen because they have serious staying power and nurture many sales.

For my monthly newsletter, I have used both electronic and print methods. There are pro’s and con’s to both e-mail and print. The e-mail is definitely less expensive  and all the response mechanisms  I use in my printed newsletter I incorporate into my electronic newsletter via Aweber or Costant Contact webforms. But there is something I’ve noticed because I’ve been split-tested the printed  & electronic versions – on my own dime and in my own research & development laboratory. I’ve noticed that  you can do a lot more with a printed newsletter, than you can with a electronic newsletter.  The response rates are higher and there are more sales – for new installations and upgrades – from the printed version. You are also perceived better  – namely, as a high-end security installation company.  "The one and only Varsity"

The most important thing you should take away from this security marketing blog post is that “YOU” need to be doing something every month  to stay at the “top of the psyche” of all your security clients and prospects.  They should be thinking aoubt you and your company when they think about security!

As I mentioned above, the reason Joel was calling me was to make sure we got his fax because he needs an access control system installed and he only trust good old me to make sure it is done to spec!

So here’s the deal…. Joel told me that they have just purchased a company in Atlanta, Georgia. He said, “Hey Bob, do you wanna send your techs down to Atlanta to do the install?” And I  said, “Joel I’d love to, but we are just too dang busy doing installs in Massachusetts, so I can’t break away anytime soon!”   Are you kidding me!  I would love to go down to Atlanta and eat at “Bones Restaurant” or the “Varsity”.  Those are my two favorite places to “pig-out” when I’m in Atlanta.

But I did tell Joel that I know a bunch of good ole’ boy’s in Georgia who  would be in “High Cotton” to do the installation for him!  So here’s the deal:  If you have  experience with installing  a KERI Access Control System, give my office a call (508) 425-6684 or send us an e-mail ( with your contact info and at least 3 references for work you have done within the past year. Look forward to hearing from you!

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