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High-End Home Alarm Installation Market, How To Break and Enter!

Hope you had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. We had Gr8 weather up here in New England. Hurricane Earl decided to veer off our coast and just nicked the Cape and the islands, but did little damage. My kids are in their first week of school and the beautiful fall foliage has already begun – leaves are changing early this year because of the hot, dry summer we just had. I hate to see it end, but there is something to look forward to….another football season is starting – this Sunday, in fact! I’ll have to wait and see what my New England Patriots will do, but I think the New York Jets are going to be the team to beat this year. BTW, we’ll be picking the winner of my National Yellow Page competition this Friday so be BOLO for an email from me this Friday as who wins the Yellow Page Ad Makeover.

Dumb Burglar vs. Smart Burglar
Let me begin with a parable that I like to use in my seminars to get my audience to think about where the money is. The story is about thieves and the robbing of trailer parks vs mansions. The burglar risks the same 10 years in the can for committing a B&E at either location, but there’s more valuable loot laying around in a mansion than in 50 trailer parks combined. Plus, when you rob a trailer park there’s a real good chance that Jed Duke is sittin’ in his trailer, simultaneously downing a mason jar of moonshine and chewing on a mouthful of Red Man, with a shotgun across his lap and his loyal mutt, Hooch, laying at his feet. Not to mention, his most valuable item would most likely be his banjo! Ask me, I’d rather take down the mansion! The smart burglar learns how to break into new markets – he learns how to crack the more expensive security systems and, by doing so, makes out like the bandit he is!

And, likewise, it would be more to your advantage to learn how to “crack the code” to getting into higher-end security system installations – whether they be residential or commercial – and dominating that market. It’s a lucrative market to target.

How do you this? You need to have the three things: the right marketing message, targeted to a high-end niche of prospects, and a marketing campaign developed for this market. This is the essence of niche marketing and “smart-bomb” security selling. It’s where the “riches in niches” lie.

You need to be thinking more like a smart burglar and learn how to break into new markets with the right message and right marketing campaign to lure that market in.

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