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Hot Corner! Security Marketing Line Drive Tip of the Day!

In baseball, 3rd base is known as the “Hot Corner” since the third baseman needs to quickly react in order to make a move on the hard line-drives struck by right handed batters. To keep my email subscribers on their toes, I  like to blast out some  smokin’ line-drive hits of my own with new security marketing ideas and security marketing tips to implement in their security businesses.

hot-cornerHave you ever thought of sending TWO newsletters to your customers in one month? What, you say?  Sound crazy?  Not so, here’s why…

I just got a great email the other day from one of my Service That Soars subscribers named Jim Patoff.  He told me he sent out two issues of our Service That Soars newsletters to 300 customers with a hand-written note asking to pass along the extra issue (complete with my patented MASSIVE referral generation coupon) to someone who might be interested in his security services.

Guess what…28 referrals called his office over the past two weeks and Jim’s landed 13 installs already!  That’s almost a 10% response rate!!!  Jim told me his sales average around $1000 buckaroos a job, and he was psyched because that $350 mailing just brought in $13K and that doesn’t account for the future business of the 15 potential clients now in his marketing funnel or the future referrals these 28 satisfied clients will bring in!  Jim, great job thinking outside the batters box! Way to go… that’s awesome!

Keep your questions coming on the Ask Bob page and please excuse the appearance of our website over the next couple days. We are doing a bit of spring cleaning! If a page looks distorted when you land on it just click refresh or hit F5 on your keyboard to reload it.

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