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How Can You Keep Growing Your Security Business During An Economic Downturn…?

I actually received that question, this week on a coaching  call. Good question!  The answer…

Security Marketing Guru BAT CAVEBelieve it or not, the same way(s) you grow it any other times!
Implementing good marketing and sales practices and getting good results is a universal thing, largely unaffected by outside influences. In  my “Bat Cave” I have sample direct marketing pieces I’ve collected over the past 14 years that contain successful direct-response ads that ran during the civil war and during The Great Depression. These beauties brought home “the bacon” and made the advertisers tons of money during periods when the economy was way worse than anything we’ve experienced!  These pieces were so effective and would work just as well today (although I know less manual labor intensive ways to do it). Here is what you gotta do: you gotta get your butt out of bed and get up on your hindoscar-mayer-bacon1 legs every day and get yourself in front of people who “could” give you money (physically and/or through media), and you’ve got to develop a convincing argument that encourages them to do so! Key words here: “get up” and “everyday”. At different times, under different circumstance, it may be easier or more difficult, but still under all circumstances, at all times, money moves around hands and gravitates to the person with a “security marketing system” for attracting  clients that Pay, Stay and Refer!  So what are you gonna do with the knowledge you have just been given…?

P.S. Fear & Procrastination is the language of the poor!
P.S.S. The cornerstone of all wealth is a security marketing  system!
P.S.S.S.  To have more, you must first become more!

Peace Out!

Your Friend

Bob Maunsell

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