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Marketing Tip – How Good Are Technical Skills At Getting You New Clients…?

Can your technical skill and doing a superb installation help build your security company image? You betcha ya!

When you can show your new client that you techs can program the alarm system to transmit signals over the internet, that sends  them an SMS message when their child comes home from school and turns off the alarm system.  Then your clients can go online and view the camera images from work  to make sure everything is running smoothly at home. Moments like these are when your clients know they have a top-notch security company doing the installation for them.

Then you break out the dust devil and vacuum up all the crumbs on the floor, and you leave their home cleaner then when you got there, leaves a great impression.

After all this does promote a positive image, about your security company! Always pay attention to the little things.

Although your technical skills and job cleanliness may go unnoticed by some, many folks will notice these traits and they will be the ones that will become your raving clients and refer you to like-minded folks, which is vital to the growth of your security company.

Have a Good 1!

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