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How To Baffle, Intimidate & Terrorize Your Competition – April 2011 – Smokin’ Security Newsletter

I had a wicked cool testimonial that roared in the door on Friday afternoon. Let me share it with you.

Dear Bob,

As usual the “Security Marketing Guru” (Bob Maunsell) under promises and completely over delivers. Bob, your insight, ideas, coaching and marketing mind have turned my once boring, burned out security business into a “kick butt”, take no prisoners, clean, lean, fighting machine.

Clients by the droves now gravitate to me and my services because I have that “security marketing guru” Ju ju taught and used by you!

Keep up the great work!

Michael Houser
Electronic Eye Security
Seal Beach, CA.

For more client feedback check out our testimonials!

Wouldn’t you like to Baffle, Intimidate & Terrorize your competition, like Micheal Houser, and reap the rewards of having security “Clients by the Droves?”

Here is a Taste of What’s in my April 2011 Smokin’ Security Newsletter Issue…

Differentiating Yourself & Adding Value With “ Security Widgets”
This is one of the most POWERFUL pieces in my entire arsenal of security marketing tools. This, my exclusive SSN members, is where you will really multiply your profits. This is how you will baffle, intimidate, and even terrorize your competitors. This is where the science of direct marketing converges with the art of savvy business innovation. This is the real “secret sauce” of a true marketing wizard.

Master This One and You’ll Be Bulletproof!
This magical skill is the creation of “ security widgets” – the clever synthesis and the combination of products, services and the customer experience to create something that’s truly unique, something that can’t be compared to any other competitors in an apples-to-apples fashion, something that genuinely involves and intrigues your customers. It’s how you package your security business in ways that make it almost irresistible not to do business with you.

When I use the term “ security widgets” I’m not talking about a generic middle of the road term for making “gizmos”. The term “widget” means the the creation of a business within a business, a category within a category, and an experience outside of the ordinary.

Widget creation is the invention of a quasi-category that didn’t actually exist before the widget that makes the concept sell like hot cakes.

It has nothing freakin’ to do with “We’re the cheapest security dealer in town”, or “We have been in business since caveman learned how to start fire 1,420,000 years ago”, or “We’re # 1.”

And it’s all based on the eleven (11) brilliant concepts that I will share with you!

But Wait! There’s still 18-wheeler trailer-truck of money-making information, I’m going to roll over you with!

  • Learn the 7 P’s of a successful security entrepreneur.
  • Discover how not to cut price and add tremendous value.
  • Uncover how to sell package security systems, instead of a la carte.
  • How to create the total experience effect for your clients to send referrals through the roof.
  • The real reason you should have a freakin’ chip on your shoulder.
  • How to create a “Brass-Balls” guarantee that will have your competitors sweating.

Springtime Bonus # 1 – Your Spring “Service That Soars™” client newsletter is ready to send out to your client base. This is the best security business building tool on the planet for building a herd of security clients that Pay, Stay, and Refer.

Springtime Bonus # 2 – Did you know that facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg just bought a house in Palo Alto, CA. Don’t you think it would be a great idea to use that pop culture news story to persuade your clients and prospects to improve the security in their homes or business? I sure as heck do!

Springtime Bonus # 3 – Part 2 of the 90 minute group coaching call on “Master Ninja Strategies and Tactics for Using LinkedIn” – How To Become The DOMINATE Security Dealer In Your Area By Using LinkedIn.

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Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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