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How To Become A Top Security Honcho! March 2011 – Smokin’ Security Newsletter

I’m not sure if your familiar with the Red Adair story. He was a larger-than-life Amercian hero and was internationally famous for fighting the most treacherous oil well fires. Red hailed from Texas, but would answer alarms from any where in the world such as, Dubai, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Libya, and Russia.

Probably his greatest challenges was the Sahara blowout that sent a geyser thundering to a height of 700’, gorging 550,000,000 cubic feet of gas every 24 hours. Those who watched the spectacle dubbed it “The Devils Cigarette Lighter.” John Glenn, the Apollo astronaut, was able to observe it in his space capsule.

It took five long months of punctilious preparation before Red was able to move in, perilously close to the raging inferno, and deftly place the special made explosive charge that – BOOM!- blew out the fire much as you might blow out a cigarette match.

Become Absolutely Fearless In This Economy
“A lot of guys would get up so far to the wellhead and they just couldn’t take the heat and noise….It didn’t bother me. In fact, I kind of liked it that way. Just me and the well. Me against the unknown. You look back and everyone else is way back yonder and you’re the Lone Ranger….So I’d keep walking, not knowing exactly what was happening at the wellhead or on the floor of the drilling rig ’cause you never know until you’re there and I’d say, ‘I will defeat it, whatever it is. I will win.’”

How To Become A Top Security Honcho
You might be asking what the heck does a Texas oil well firefighter have to do with selling professional security services? Well, to put it rather bluntly, Red had a set of “BRASS BALLS,” and he was know all over the world in his niche market (the oil industry) for being the greatest problem-solving, go-to-guy for extinguishing oil well fires. Quite a feat! why even The Duke (John Wayne) portrayed Red Adair in the movie, “Hellfighters.” Now, I can assure you, because he was the go-to guy in his niche market, nobody was nickle-and-diming good ol’ Red Adair.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” Red Adair

You, my friend, want to become the Red Adair of the security industry! Especially if you want to be charging higher prices. If you are perceived as the security expert and become famous in your market, you will no longer be hassled by penny-pinchers. People will pay top-dollar when they know they are dealing with a top security honcho!

In March’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter, I’ve opened the vault and taken out one of my favorite ads of all times – my “Red Adair” ad – that I am going to share with my newsletter coaching club members. This ad is brilliant in it’s layout and appeal and for using a problem solving story (facts tell, stories sell!) and a killer testimonial.

If all your security marketing has stock photos featuring happy-go-lucky people (with botox injections and veneers) sitting around the pool or on a couch touting your security services…then you’re in trouble. That type of advertising is so phony and see-through and ineffective.

My “Red Adair” ad will change the landscape of how you are perceived in the security field, where all security dealers look the same.

Because I love Texas so much and the legend of Red Adair, I’ve gone completely loco this month and have given you some Texas size bonuses in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter.

Texas Size Bonus #1
How to overcome low self-image in order to boost your sales.
7 ways to out maneuver your competition.
How to create a “Robotic Selling Strategies” for the A/V industry.
One TV show that you MUST watch if you want to LEARN how to sell to affluent clients.
The down and dirty for using LinkedIn effectively.
What’s the difference between sales and marketing (you better know this one!)

Texas Size Bonus # 2
The Red Adair – “EXPOSED” Ad.
A complete break-down on why this ad sells like hot cakes.
One of Red Adair old ads that he used to run in the trade magazines.

Texas Size Bonus # 3
A 90 minute group coaching call on “Master Ninja Strategies and Tactics for Using LinkedIn”
A LinkedIn “little-know” trick that absolutely no one is using to get more security clients.

Texas Size Bonus # 4
ISC WEST – Will you be at the ISC West show in the desert this April 6-8, 2011? If so, I’d love to meet up with you, give you a big ol’ bear hug and a FREE training day plus field trip…all on me…

Texas Size Bonus # 5
Group Training and Fanatic Customer Care Field Trip at ISC West
On Thursday, April 7th, I have a special training day set up for my Security Marketing Guru members. We’ll go over what’s working in your security biz, and also some killer Robotic Security Selling Strategies(TM) that I have never shared with any of my members before.

Texas Size Bonus # 6
After that, I have a surprise field trip to tour one of the world’s best customer-oriented businesses. It will blow you mind! You’ll learn how to create a fanatical customer following, that is all about having clients for life. I do need to get a head count ASAP for the field trip (because the number of guest is limited) So please email me and let me know ASAP if you can attend.

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Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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