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How To Burglarizing Any Security Market

I’m just cranking out this blog post poolside at the Hilton hotel in beautiful Mesa, Arizona. I’ll be taking the red-eye home tonight so I won’t miss the girls’ soccer games this weekend. I’ll also be jumping on the couch Sunday and watching the football game between the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills. Yahoo!!

Burglarizing Any Security Market
Let me show you how you can enter any emerging security market, instantaneously, without having any prior knowledge of the industry segment, and become a leader in that niche. Let’s say you want to BECOME the security expert on copper theft. You discovered a video surveillance product at a trade show that can stop desperate, drug-addicted copper thieves in their tracks from stealing the metal and selling it off to junk yards.

All you’ve got to do is figure out who is already experiencing copper theft (that would be your target market.) Okay this is easy because a lot of niche industries are experiencing copper theft right now, here’s a few:

Farmers – Are watching copper and brass irrigation lines being boosted.

Electrical Contractors – Are, in some cases, having to re-wire homes 2-3 times, because of copper theft.

HVAC Contractors – Air conditioners are being stripped of heavy copper.

Vacant Properties – Are being stripped clean of all their copper plumbing and electrical wiring.

In any one of these markets there are businesses and people already servicing the markets that can give you direct access to the folks who make the buying decisions. For the farmers, it might be a Veterinarian. For Electrical Contractors, it could be an electrical supply house. For HVAC contractors, it could be an insurance agent that works only with HVAC contractors. For vacant buildings, it might be a local landlord association.

With any of these businesses, you could forge a joint-venture partnership, where you could gain direct access to your partner’s client list. With your partner’s help, you could build credibility and become the go-to guy in this marketplace.

The Universe Doesn’t UnderPay Or OverPay Anyone
Just turn around, look up, look down, move to the left, move to the right new ideas and possibilities and security installs are everywhere. With a 9% unemployment rate, that means 91% of the people are working and have money. It’s never the economy or your upbringing that is to blame for your lack of sales. If you want more money, you have the power within you to make it happen.

Have a great weekend! Go Patriots!!



  1. Bob Smith says

    GR88 Information Bob. We here in Texas are targeting oil and gas sites with wireless camera application. There are opportunities everywhere Diamonds in your Field Start Looking!!!! Bob Smith

  2. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Bob,
    Thanks for the kind words. As you know there are diamonds everywhere. You just need to make an effort to uncover your acres of diamonds. Also Bob you should really look into getting a gravatar, let me know if you need anything.

  3. Dave says

    Hey Bob,

    To a point i agree with you. However, when factored in the people who have just given up or people who have run out of unemployment, the actual unemployment rate is around 17% or higher.

    The area you live in does make a difference. There are diamonds here, just smaller ones.


  4. Bob Maunsell says

    Hi David,
    In every business segment (accountants, alarm guys, chiropractors, dentist, electricians, etc.) there are service providers within every marketplace (Niceville, FL Toledo,OH Tralee, Yuma, AZ) are doing very well no matter what the unemployment rate is.
    If you’re nurturing the smaller diamonds like you should be then your diamond mine will grow!


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