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How to Conduct a Home Security Audit

Last week, I posted a blog asking for comments on how to secure Lindsay Lohan’s (the actress’) house.  There was also a video of thieves breaking into her home. I got a lot of great feedback from readers with many good ideas.  One of the responses hit an old military man like myself was from another former military man. He includes some Smokin’ recommendations on ways to secure Lindsay’s house that would take the price out of the equation (not that Lindsay’s a penny-pincher).

The gentleman who wrote the recommendations wants to remain anonymous on my blog, but would allow me to use his true name when submitting it to Lindsay’s PR firm.  The gentleman asked to be called “Frank Martin” as you can see in his email just below:

Hello Shawn,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it and am flattered. As a rule, I try to avoid making “public” posts – for my own privacy. However, If you & Bob want to move my post Re: Lohan to Bob’s blog you have my permission. I would ask that you guys use the name “Frank Martin” and delete my former affiliations. One of the secrets to my successes in a variety of matters is that my true identity and intentions/actions were hidden under pretext or subterfuge.

If Ms. Lohan’s representatives would like further elaboration/possible retention, you can provide my true name and e-mail. I have to admit that although I’ve heard the name “Lindsay Lohan”, I didn’t know who she was until this AM. Had to look her up on the web. Seems to me Ms. Lohan has some “un-friendly” admirers and needs to take her security seriously, and not just with respect to her residence.

Best Regards,

Frank Martin

Here’s the response email with Frank’s recommendations for securing Lindsay’s property:

In Re: Lohan intrusion – Unfortunately, the video does not show the entire Lohan property. One can only presume the intruders had a less than difficult time gaining access to the residence.

“Blind” Recommendations would be:

A) Property PERIMETER Protection in line with DOD (Dept. of Defense) standards (esthetically pleasing fencing with appropriate clear zones).
B) Additional & possibly better CCTV system, tied in with
C) Motion Detection,
D) Improved exterior perimeter & residence lighting, and
E) “Target Hardening” of all possible points of entry to the residence, with appropriate intrusion alarms.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Martin, CPO DABFE MEPP
fmr. Security Specialist, XXXX/XXX
fmr. Lieut./Chief Investigator, XXX Police

Upgrade Your Security Selling Vocabulary…

Now that you’ve read Frank’s recommendations, you should be able to tell that anyone using this type of wording in their selling vocabulary with prospects and clients is not providing a free or inexpensive security system.

It should also be apparent that military-style words like:  Perimeter Protection, DOD (Department of Defense) Standards, Clear Zones, Intrusion Alarms, and Target Hardening are subliminally telling your prospects and clients that their homes or offices or properties are going to be secure like the Pentagon or Fort Knox or NORAD.  That type of safety, and the sense of peace and security that it fosters, goes a long way with people…they’re willing to pay more for it!

You Live and Die by the Words You Use To Sell

Here’s some examples of things you should not be saying.  If you’re using the following words in your security selling vocabulary, then you’ll never get out of “the cheapest price gets the job” mode. These words should be permanently banished from your thoughts…

“You just need a basic alarm system; you don’t need all the bells-and-whistles the other guy says you do.”
“Just let me know what the number is that I have to beat.”
“Can you give me last look?”
“I have the least expensive monitoring in town.”
“I can do it cheaper than the other dealers”
“What’s the other security dealer charging you?”

When you use these statements, you’ve reduced yourself to the lowest possible commodity in your prospect’s mind…you’ve given away all the selling and buying power!  And, they know they can make you go lower and lower…a bad position for you, but a great position for the buyer!

You’re definitely not creating enough value for your business to thrive and provide you with the income you need to do the things you want to in life…very scary!

In this month’s issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, you’ll learn…

•    How to Become the Contrarian Security Dealer
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But wait….I’m not done with you yet because I way over deliver!  You’ll also learn…

•    How To Turn Your Security Vehicle into A 24/7/365 Selling Machine (in the audio success CD)
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•    The Power of Being Resilient

As always, I provide ESP (Easy, Successful and Profitable) Security Marketing to my virtual army of security dealers and low voltage installers around the world!

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