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How To Defeat Competitive Security Dealers With A Silver Bullet

Is there such a thing as a Silver Bullet in security marketing? I’d have to say,you betcha! In fact, I would say there are a handful of  bullets, no security dealer or low voltage installer can afford to be without.

Here are my Security Marketing Silver Bullets:


Silver Bullet # 1:
Stay in touch with your security client base. More is better. 12 to 24 times a year is good, 36 times is security market domination.

Silver Bullet # 2:
Identify your slow times. Either use this time to take a much needed vacation or ramp up your  security marketing efforts 30 to 45 days in advance of those times to “pick them up” and lead more prospects “into the funnel.”

Silver Bullet # 3:
ALWAYS have 3 or 4 solid security marketing venues working for you.  I love postcards (I have two or three I kindly refer to as my ‘ropa dope,’ (meaning they always deliver the knockout jobs!). I also love to do comical display ads in the cheap “coffee” papers where I know my type of security clients “hang out.” I also believe a “Direct Response” security website is an irreplaceable part of a sales funnel, and using Google Adwords is an absolute most to drive your local traffic to your site. My monthly client security newsletter has been the pillar of my security marketing program for over 10 years now.

Silver Bullet #4:
Don’t EVER stop trying to reactivate old security prospects and don’t EVER give up on trying to upgrade an existing security system or up selling a new technology. Always work both sides of the fence.

Silver Bullet #5:

Never underestimate the power of a “gift” or a “subtle bribe” in marketing today. The only difference is timing.

I’ve got more killer security marketing content coming later today  soon so keep an eye out on my blog!

Bob Maunsell

Security Marketing Guru

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