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How To Generate Security Business Leads

It’s late… I just got home from my “Friday Night Cigar Session” with the boy’s, and on the way home I was cranking out to WZLX  100.7 FM out of Boston, I was listening  to one of my favorite bands of all-time, Led Zeppelin, who were playing “Communication Break Down”… That verse is the genesis of this weeks “Tuesday Smack Down.” It goes like this….

Communication Break Down, It’s always the same… I’m having a nervous break down, Drive me insane…

If you’re having trouble nowadays with the phone not ringing…. like it should be, cuz your havin’ a “Communication Break Down” with your past and present security clients…? Could this be why you’re having a nervous break down, and it’s driving your wife insane…

Okay… nuff of me being a song writer: Two MAJOR security marketing mistakes that security dealers and low-voltage installers make, that they are costing them major $$$$, are drum roll please…..

  1. Not Staying In Touch With Their Current Security Clients.
  2. Not Following Up With Their Security Marketing Leads On A Constant And Consistent Basis.

Here’s the deal: You need to have a security marketing system in place to stay in contact with your loyal security clients, and to follow up with HOT leads at least once a month and even better once a week.

Now I know what you’re gonna say, But…But… Bob how the heck do I, do this, while running my security business, and Bob won’t this cost me an arm and a leg…?

What this will do for ya is make you the Big Bucks that you and your family deserve… And will give ya a “Smokin’ Hot Referral Based Security Business” that you could only dream about.

You can forget about having to buy plain old security  marketing leads from a Database Company who is selling the SAME leads to 3-4 other security dealers in your area.  If that sounds like you, then please don’t get offended at what I’m about to say, but you need to hear it…..your just  another commodity, and mailing to these people who you have zero relationship value with, is almost counter-productive, because they are only concerned about the price. So if you love being tire-kicked into submission for the lowest possible bid price feel free to continue with your current strategy.

If you are doing your security marketing the right way you will never end up playing the notorious “Free Alarmopoly” with the 3-4 other security dealers chasing down the same leads. I’m gonna show ya how to create your own security marketing business within your business

Week One: Send a four page printed newsletter. This is the best security client retention tool on the planet, hands down. I’ve talked about this before. Your security newsletter is like having a sales rep working his tail off for ya around the clock! This monthly newsletter needs to be fun and entertaining! Not filled with just security products, and talking about EOLR… This is the last thing your clients want to here about. Trust me on this one I’ve written (and read) plenty of newsletters that sell and it’s pretty much about the last thing they want to hear about.

Week Two: Mail a postcard. The postcard could be a few simple tips about securing a home or business, and also include a special offer to upgrade to a Digital Cellular Backup.

Week Three: An email newsletter. (Your cost? Nada.)

Week Four: Another postcard. This postcard could have a special theme for the month. Example: February= Presidents Day, March= Spring Equinox….BE CREATIVE
OK… The news is pretty dire about how bad the economy is and how President Obama is going to save us by spending more deficit dollars.  I have never hidden the fact I am a firm believer in the power of capitalism and maverick entrepreneurship.  So, I’m not waiting for a government bailout and neither are my security dealers who are living the high life as Smokin’ Newsletter Subscribers or Security Maverick Coaching Club Members, or any of my other Smokin’ Security Marketing Programs.

They all have this belief system burned in there minds:
You can let the economy happen to you or you can create your own personal economy.

You can bet dollars to doughnuts that this simple security marketing  plan outlined in this weeks “Smack Down” will create a stampede of new(smoking hott referral) clients to your security business.

Hey I want to leave you with a little something that makes me real proud to be daddy


My littlest daughter Kiera is the Star Of The Week in her 1st grade class. It makes me so happy when my kids succeed.  I also love what she wrote about herself as to why she’s a STAR … Kiera wrote this: I’m a great helper, and I never quit…..Now that’s daddy’s girl!!

Bob Maunsell
Security Marketing Guru

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