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How to Get Bulletproof, Fast!


Thanks so much for the ad makeover. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you; we have been slammin’ busy.

It all makes sense from a customer’s perspective to educate and offer. My wife looked at the ad without me saying a word. She said there was too much text. I then told her to look at it again as though she had just been burglarized.

It all makes sense. We compete against a company whose sole strategy is the low, low price ($17 a month monitoring w/ service plan and no contract) so we have to be different. I’ll close up shop before I give it away!!

As far as the card dispensers go, I listened to the CD on my way home from the shop and was on line ordering four sets as soon as I stepped out of the van. Bob, one question. What do you do about employee technical training?

Thanks Again,

Fred Stokley
Master Locksmith/Alarm Technician
Precision Locksmith Co., LLC
Harrisonburg, VA


How To Get Bullet-Proof, Fast…
Hey Fred,

I appreciate the kind words, but you’d have to thank my little daughter Kiera (link to video) for pulling your company’s name out of my New England Patriots hat (with her little, plastic claw toy) for my 2009 Security Marketing Yellow Page Ad Contest.

Slammin’ Busy…
I love hearing different vernacular, from security and Low Voltage dealers, from around the country when they refer to being busy.  Up here in the Northeast we use the term “buried” with work. I love the term you use in Virginia – “slammin” busy, and out West they say “Rocking & Rolling.” I really get a kick out of all the different wording.

The Misses…
I think your original Y.P. ad had about 120words, and my Direct Response Yellow Page was stuffed to the gills with about 480 words. Fred I could have just plopped two huge logos into a rectangular space and created some image-based ad that  “BRANDED” you…like Target did when they first opened their stores.  They bombarded the telly, newspapers and magazines with only their bulls eye logo.  This is brand marketing and is good if your a big, billion-dollar company, with hundreds of stores and can afford that type of advertising.  For the smaller fish, this is not a practical way to advertise nor does it say anything about who you are and what you do…successfully (hence your unique selling proposition)!

Long Copy Sells…
I LMAO when you said that your wife thought my ad had to much text, but obviously you’ve been paying attention to my Smokin’ Security Newsletter about image-based advertising vs. direct response advertising.  Image-based advertisers (The Brand People) have long said that long copy (lots of words) is DOA; that people are to busy to read all those words or clients are too dumb/too lazy/etc.  They say, times have changed and short copy and lots of images are in vogue.

They said this in the 1930.1940.1950.1960.1970.1980.1990.2000. and 2009. They were wrong before and they are wrong now. EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE PROVES THAT LONG COPY SELLS MORE.
If you have an outstanding security sales rep, would you limit him to just 20 words (that’s about what the average Y.P. has in it for words)? Or, do you let him go and make a case for WHY this business/homeowner should have you do there security system vs anyone else out there. Of course you wouldn’t tell you sales rep to be quiet.

Direct response copy is nothing more then “salesmanship in print.”  I created a Y.P. ad for you that would talk to all of your prospects, and educate and inform them of all your services. This is a 24/7/365 auto-pilot security sales rep that you will add strength and more stability to your business.

Sift-Screen-and Sort…
Fred, no matter  if you were installing security systems in Dublin, Ireland, Abiline Texas, or Tamil Nadu, India there’s always a dealer that will key a door for nothing, or install a CCTV system at-or-below cost.

The dirty little secret with operating a security or low voltage installation business, this way, is that these dealers will attract bottom of the barrel clients, and they will, in fact, refer you more low-paying people.

When your security marketing system is setup on autopilot and you have a “Sift-Screen-Sort mechanism in place, where your marketing is weeding out the deadbeats, lookey-loos, and tire kickers, only then will have folks that are to pay more for your security services.

If the only thing a company can say is that we are the cheapest around, I feel sorry for them.  That’s not a marketing message and it’s only a matter of time before their out of business.

Doubled Your Sales Forces…
Fred, this is truly the only way to separate yourself from all the other security dealers, locksmiths, and security system integrators…is through Education Based Security Marketing (TM). The more you educate, the more you sell.  Way to go on buying the card pockets!  You have now effectively added four sales reps that will deliver you more business whenever you’re out-and-about….at a next-to-nothing cost!

Technical Training…
Fred, I would go back and replay the audio success CD “How To Sky-Rocket Your Security Business With Interactive Video Monitoring”, and “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Video Analytics” these are the two (2) biggie growth industries in the security industry. Also on the next open call-in day for all  Smokin’ Security Newsletter members which is coming up and I’ll give you niche industries where these are an easy sell. Before I forget pick up a couple of copies of anyone of the “Dummies” book for installing computer networks, a good way to break your techs into the TCP/IP world.

Sales Presentations…
Fred, one last thing before I go, I would take the Y.P. that I created for you and take it down to Staples, and have them print up a bunch of copies so that you can use it as a handout when your meeting with new prospects, “this is a subtle way to sell “WITHOUT” selling, that you are the the man. I would also incorporate some real sweet testimonial on to the backside  of the Y.P. handout. I would also when your meeting with a new prospect, don’t forget to drip on them with your new quarterly newsletter that is part of your Smokin’ Security Newsletter membership.

Adios Amigo…

Happy Hunting with your Y.P. Ad in 2010!


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