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How To Have 24/7 Marketing Sales Reps, Who Aren’t Looking For Any, Overtime and Bonuses!

Today’s Blog Post is in Response to Jeff’s Question:

Bob I’ve heard you talk a lot about how your marketing should be like having 24/7 sales reps. I’ve got two sales reps and heck, sometimes I swear for the money I’m paying them they should be working 24 hours a day! With this economy and all, I don’t think I can afford to keep two guys, who aren’t out installing systems for me, on my payroll. My bottom line has already taken a hit with this economy. Basically, I’m asking you for any ideas on those 24/7 marketing systems you talk about. How can I keep my sales up without the insane payroll!

Jeff Here’s Your Answer!

The Miracle of the FREE Recorded Security Messages

2-ton-magnetI’m gonna show you a very powerful security marketing concept that will attract HOT security prospects like a two-ton magnet to your Security Business (i.e. your retirement asset.)
The 3 incredibly powerful words in security advertising are Free Recorded Messages.  Having a set of messages that share VALUABLE security information with consumers. They attract those who are on the fence about what you have to offer and gives people a way to LEARN about home or business security. The opportunity for them to do this, without fear of being pressured by a live salesperson is an extremely powerful security marketing tool.   You want to attract Pre-Qualified, Pre-Disposed prospects, ready and willing to hear what you have to say and work with you as their security systems expert! You don’t want to attract Lookey-Loo’s, Tire-Kickers, Dead Beats and the prototypical Nickle-and-Dimers, that suck the selling force  right out of you, making you want to go home, get under the blankets and call it a day!

Why not let folks convince themselves that they need your services? Cuz the “convincing business” sucks, and if you’re relying on yourself alone to solely convince people they need you services, you’ve lost your authority, your position of power!  Let the recorded messages do your pre-educating, pre-convincing and pre-selling for you. So closing the deal is just that, closing the deal!

Recorded messages also are a very credible way to market your security or low-voltage business. When something is recorded and released out there to the general public, people tend to trust and listen to the message more. Ideally, what you want to do, is setup a “Security Resources Hotline” where you have a series of education-based, audio security and safety reports. You can advertise them on your business card, website, vans, TV ads, Radio ads, Billboards, newsletters, insert them into your quote packs, etc… I could go on for days here, but you get the idea.

If you would like to listen to the intro to my FREE “Security Resource Hotline,” call 1-800-793-1192.  I have developed proprietary security ‘soft-selling’ scripts for you to read off and set up your own “Security Resource Hotline.” They will be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The audio reports I’ve written are geared toward several different security niches – residential security, retail, commercial, and property management companies.

These mini sales reps have been designed to do all the selling for you – and guess what, you don’t have to pay, worker’s comp, business liability and health insurance to keep them on your staff! If you do have sales-reps you can focus them on the better, pre-qualified, salesmanpre-disposed leads that these FREE audio reports feed you!

If you are interested in getting your hands on my FREE recorded messaging system ASAP, then email and my staff will give you the skinny.  I do also offer three proprietary marketing ads that go with this security marketing system:  my famous pink flier (well known across Worcester County), my door-hanger that is literally and figuratively guaranteed to get you “in the door” for any – commercial, residential, retail, prospective job you have been gunning for.. (I will explain more about this in a later email). Finally I’ll give you a proprietary Ad (copy and all!) that I use in the local newspapers, magazines, town rags, flyers, and online. This messaging system has been researched, tested, tweaked, in my own R&D lab (a.k.a my Security Biz), it is one of the foundations in all of my online and offline marketing systems. Nothing leaves my office (marketing pieces, newsletters, business cards, envelopes….ect!) without at least one of these Free Recorded Message call in numbers on it!

Have I Convinced You Yet?
Come next week you will also be able to order this system online in my brand new Security Marketing Store.  I gave my office staff a half-day because it’s Good Friday and the Security Marketing Guru has to get ready for his Easter Bunny duties (i.e. stuff baskets!). We will offically roll out this program online next week but I just wanted to let my faithful Tuesday Smack-Down Subscribers in on the program.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and relaxed Easter weekend!

“The Best Is Yet To Be”

Your Friend,

Bob Maunsell

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