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How To Hire Super Hero Security Techs & Top-Gun Sales Reps

Do you ever walk around scratching your head and wonder why that one special security company always seems to attract the super hero security technicians, and the top-gun sales reps?

I’ve been asked the question “why” this occurs, many times from my clients, and my reply has been always been the same: “Is your security company an enthusiastic, creative place to work?” “Does your security business foster an ESP-style culture to it’s employees….Easy, Successful and Profitable?

Delivering Happiness
Long story short, when I was out in Las Vegas, at the beginning of the month, for the ISC West security conference, I conducted a secret “members only” spy mission (field trip) with my SMG members out to ZAPPOS to see how security entrepreneurs can deliver more happiness to their employees and create a hiring process for finding folks who are a right fit for their company.

We walked away from that field trip with the BIG question that you should be asking yourself…

Is Your Business a Mullet? – All business upfront and a party in the back?

Here’s some of the questions they ask at Zappos during the hiring interview process:

  • How weird are you?
  • How lucky do you feel?
  • What theme song would play every-time you walk into a room?
  • What super-hero power do you want to have?

After watching the video, you will learn that you can teach a “SKILL,” but you cannot teach a “PERSONALITY.” And how important it is to have the right people with the right personality to help grow your security business into a gigantic enterprise. If you’re in doubt, just look at Zappos…the world’s largest online shoe/clothing retailer. It’s a people thang (thing) and they know it! As I’ve always said, ”Your people are your product, nothing else.”

Check out this hysterical video from our field trip to Zappos conducted by Andi, our Zappos Culture Guide, and see how she explains the Zappos philosophy for hiring employees and discusses their benefit package.

Pictures from the Zappos Tour!

Zappos #1

The Zappos waiting room.

Creative office decorations

Part of the SMG crew, we lost the other half somewhere in the building!

Random hallway decoration.

Our Zappos culture guide, Andi and little ole' me!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Michael says

    As usual the “Security Marketing Guru” (Bob Maunsell) under promises and completely over delivers. Bob, your insight, ideas, coaching and marketing mind have turned my once boring, burned out security business into a “kick butt”, take no prisoners, clean, lean, fighting machine.

    Clients by the droves now gravitate to me and my services because I have that “security marketing guru” Ju ju taught and used by you!

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Bob Maunsell says

    Hi Micheal, That’s awesome! Keep up the great work! Thanks Bob

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