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How To Outsmart The Bad Guy – Smokin’ Security Newsletter June 2011

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the world famous security expert Jordan Frankel. He is the founder of Global Security Experts Inc. Jordan develops and implements revolutionary products that protect both lives & property globally. Countless agencies and corporations such as NASDAQ, the US Military, and law enforcement entrust Mr. Frankel with their security and safety.

Jordan Frankel is also frequent media guest addressing the personal and financial consequences associated with home invasions, burglaries and other serious threats. In addition, Mr. Frankel`s security products & inventions have been featured on Oprah, FOX news and countless publications. Jordan`s ability to outsmart the proverbial bad guys – coupled with his commitment to making security an affordable reality for everyone is the key to Global Security Experts Inc success. Mr. Frankel is a proud member of the American Society for Industrial Security and the International Association for Counter Terrorism & Security. Jordan is my guest interview this month on my Audio Success CD.

I got to tell ya’ I took 2-3 pages of notes during this interview on all the really cool and clever strategies Jordan had for securing commercial and residential properties. Here is a question I posed to Jordan; “If you were selling & installing home alarm system today how would you position your company against the low ballers?”

Here is his answer:“Since 1995- my firm was and is to this day the most expensive security company. Actually we are probably up to 25 % more expensive then our so-called competitors. I will cover why selling your products and services to cheap can actually hurt your business long term. In addition I will go over why it’s so important to not only market yourself as the specialist, guru, etc., but really offer solutions and products that differ from your competitors.”

The audio success CD componentalone, is worth $97.00 and more!

But you should give it a test drive for the low price of $5.95. Since the Bruins just won the Stanley Cup for the 1st time in 39 years I’m going to call this month’s issue my Stanley Cup issue because it’s jam packed with money-makin’ ideas that you can implement right now. Inside the June newsletter, you’ll discover the following:

* Why your business needs a cult-like following?

* Discover 9 reasons why you should create your own specialized vocabulary for your business.

* 10 Critical Thinking Strategies For All Security Entrepreneurs.

* How to Create a “Wicked Killer Referral System™”

* Creating the “Wicked Happy Client Experience™”

* An amazing recipe for cultivating the referral process.

* Referral system? Do this to amp it up!

* Need a sales rep?  Create a ”Client Council” of champions instead.

* Thinking of hiring an office assistant or technician? Better make sure you do this first.

* Stanley Cup Bonus # 1 – A Security Installer Referral Tracking Form. A handout that you can use with your clients that gives them the opportunity to list family and friends who may be in need of your services.

* Stanley Cup Bonus #2 Million Dollar – Thank You Card. If you’re not sending out a thank you card to your clients after the install, shame on you!  My million dollar thank you card will put a million dollar smile on your clients’ faces!

* Stanley Cup Bonus #3 – “How To Stop The Proverbial Bad Guys” Audio Success CD with Jordan Frankel. Come and get it….to get your issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter click on the link below.

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