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How To Run Trunk Slammers Right Out Of Town

I don’t know about you, but most ethical security dealers hate these guys.  You know them…the trunk slammers that run around town doing security installs out of the back of their mommy’s car. These guys are probably living in their mommy’s basement watching online porn and eating microwaveable Tombstone Pizzas…enabling the to work so cheap.

This isn’t doing anyone any good because it brings the market down. Trunk slammers are in almost every market – especially when the start-up cost to enter a market is next to zilch, then you get a lot of trunk slammers running around town.

These guys don’t get a lot of repeat business or referrals, for that matter.  They just think “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am”  and go on to find the next sucker looking for a cheap install…good luck with customer service on the back end!

Security Selling System…
When you have a security marketing system in place that utilizes multiple client attraction and retention methods, you can’t be copied or knocked off by some hack whose working for peanuts. But, here is a big point to remember and act upon:

Having one method of attracting new customers is very dangerous and, in truth, is very, very, small thinking. It’s extremely hazardous to your financial well being. You are restricting yourself to one media…it’s like being a stool with one leg.  You can balance yourself on one leg, but for how long – before you tumble over?

ADT, for example, has some defense against this rapid deployment of hordes of trunk slammers, and Johnny come lately(s). They have the $$$ to blast their marketing message out into the stratosphere – national TV, print, direct-mail, package inserts, the internet, Google Adwords, college bowl sponsorships, etc.

Unless someone has similar capital, infrastructure, organization, discipline, and multi-media expertise they flat out can’t compete or replicate that type of advertising. Joey-the-trunk-slammer living in mommy’s basement can’t replicate this.

But you, the astute security entrepreneur, can model and improve on this multi-media layered attack formula for success on the local and regional level, one step at a time.  Some things you can do are:  start a client referral program, start sending out a quarterly newsletter, put door-knockers on all houses/businesses around a current install, start doing direct mailings, put up a client-nurturing website, host an informational/educational-based security seminar (and turn yourself into a micro-celebrity in your market.)

Mr. Duffy and the Elephant…
One of my early mentors (Mr. Duffy) said to me, when I was scratching my head thinking I didn’t have the “bandwidth” to do a certain task he wanted me to do, “Bob, how do you eat an elephant?”  I said, “I don’t know, Mr. Duffy.”  And he said, “Son, it’s done one bite at a time.”

So getting started doing something is much better then doing nothing!

Have a wicked wild card weekend! Go Pats!!

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