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How To Solve Your Clients’ Security Headaches, Once And For All!

I shot a quick video the other day for you on “3 Secret Strategies Your Competition Are Too Gut-Less To Use!” I did the video because of the feedback I received from last Friday’s blog. My inbox was jammed with folks inquiring about my proprietary “Bayer Aspirin Letter,” I discussed in the blog. So I shot you a little video on some of the highlights, plus I reveal two other smokin’ hot security direct mail strategies I use. When you have access to this style of security marketing material and information, you should be feeling very,very optimistic about your future.

Superior Marketing Know-How
You must take personal responsibility for your own success or failure. If you blame your failure on competitors for discounting, on the economy, on your geography, on anything but your own actions, you’re making a gargantuan mistake! Creativity, determination, and the acquisition and the application of SUPERIOR marketing, are key to becoming wealthy in the security industry.

Here’s what you’ll get from the video:

  • The Bayer Aspirin Letter….utilizing a problem/solution approach. A very potent method for selling security systems
  • How to create a 8 page sales letter that does all the selling for you.
  • Where to find niche security markets.
  • How to scale a sales letter for different target markets…from residential security to retail stores on up to college
  • universities and airport security.
  • Why you should be using “lumpy mail” in your Direct Mail pieces.
  • Using a freakin’ freezer bag – of all things – to mail out a CCTV security marketing sales message.
  • What if you could close just one more sale per month with this strategy..what would it be worth?
  • The Bank Bag value proposition letter.
  • Why you should strive to be a relationship-based security company vs. a transaction-based company.

Enjoy, Mate

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