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How To Spot A Crooked Security Dealer A Mile Away

It’s super tough out there having to put up with unethical security companies: the fly-by-nighters, truck-slammers, door-knocking, steal-your-accounts-right-from-underneath-your-nose type of security dealers. Or the slick sales reps, you know the ones that are sporting a flashy, shark-skin suite with complimentary alligator boots and newly-minted, phosphorus, fluorescent veneer teeth with a whopping 14 days experience selling security systems in their back pocket. It’s only a matter of days before they’re off selling vacuum cleaners for Kirby, or off to the next multi-level marketing scam of the week.

These companies and guys make it hard for the ethical security guys to cut through the clutter. So what I did to pave the way for the ethical security dealer to spark interest with prospective clients is to create a 10 page Consumer Awareness Guide titled “What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Security Company”

How To Use The Consumer Awareness Guide To Create Interest With Your Security Prospects & Customers

The 10 page Consumer Awareness Guide included in the April issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter™, is a valuable piece to offer prospects and old clients to boost their “Interest” in your security company.


13 Super Easy Ways To Implement Your
“Consumer Awareness Guide” For MASSIVE Success

Below are several ways that you can use the Consumer Awareness Guide to foster interest in your company. Most are online (because that’s what marketing strategies we’re focusing on in the April issue), but I’ve also included some great offline venues to use the Consumer Awareness Guide to help create Interest in your security company:

1- Offer the 10 page Guide free on your website and have prospects register to receive it – via email or mail.
2- Send out an email to clients and prospects offering the Guide and asking them to share it with family, friend and co-workers who might be in need of security.
3- Offer the Guide in a post on your social media channels and link the post to the registration page on your website.
4- Do a blog post about the Guide on your website.
5- Offer the Guide as a download on local community awareness websites.
6- Mail the Guide to prospects before meeting with them, or
7- Hand out the Guide to prospects when you meet them.
8- Partner with local law enforcement agencies – see if they will offer the free Consumer Awareness Guide on their websites.
9- Partner with residential & commercial real estate agents and have them hand out the Guide to new homeowners and business owners.
10- Any business that has a waiting area (like a doctor’s or dentist’s office), ask if you can leave copies of the Consumer Awareness Guide for patients to read.
11- Any local coffee shop, cafe or take-out restaurant, ask if you can leave copies of the Guide so patrons have something informative to read.
12- Use the Guide as a handout at tradeshows, home shows or local community events.
13- Have a “Lunch & Learn” at your office or at a local restaurant. Invite clients & prospects (and their friends), and use the Guide as a handout.

How To Get Your Copy Of The Consumer Awareness Guide: “What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Security Company”
To get the ‘Consumer Awareness Guide” be one of the first 7 new sign-ups to my Smokin’ Security Newsletter™ Coaching Club.

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