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How To Work On Your Security Business, Not In Your Business!

I got home around 7:30 pm the other night, turned on the TV and caught the last few minutes of Access Hollywood. There was a segment on of Donald Trump, dressed in servant’s garb, making a bed, vacuuming the floor, washing out a bathroom sink, and playing bell hop. LOL! “The Donald” doesn’t have to do this kind of work…he’s a billionaire and can pay people to do these menial tasks. It’s just another publicity stunt for Trump who is always working on his business and not in his business.

Crossing The Rubicon
The river that every security entrepreneur must cross (and not back look) is the one for delegating and letting go of all the $15 an hour work and start concentrating on only $1,000 an hour work. If you want to grow your security business to the next level, you have to let go of the little piddly things, like running to ADI to pick up a bag of contacts, or sweeping the floor, or shuffling paperwork. I’m sure you feel like you’re accomplishing something, but, the fact is, this type of work is not generating you any sales or leads. You have to cease this type of activity if you want to grow your business!

Your job is to be the Rainmaker…period! And that’s all about marketing your security services around town and doing the $1000 an hour work. All of your time must be focused on bringing new security installations through the door, upgrading or doing add-ons for existing clients, and increasing your RMR… anything else must be outsourced!

Delegation Grows Businesses
I’ve heard all the excuses in the book. Here’s a few..

  • I want to grow my business, but I want to stay inside my comfort zone.
  • I can’t keep technicians.
  • My wife isn’t behind me. She won’t do any of the marketing or even answer the phone.
  • We’re overwhelmed with the day-to-day administration work.
  • My step- son won’t sell any security systems for me he just wants to do the install.
  • My business partner doesn’t get that we need more new clients.
  • My office isn’t good at answering the phone , and doing phone sales.
  • I have to upload & download all alarm accounts myself, because I don’t want any of my techs to know how to do it.

You gotta get out of your comfort zone…delegate, delegate, delegate, outsource the piddly stuff and focus on the Rainmaking activities! People good at making excuse aren’t good at making money. As an entrepreneur the buck stops with you.

Truthfully, I think you can’t afford NOT TO! If you are picking up supplies, sweeping the floor, cleaning out the service van, answering phones or taking out the trash, then you are losing a lot of money!

There’s no nice way to say it! Once you set your focus solely on increasing your security installations, you’ll be a much happier camper – not a burnt out, jaded, and cynical security dealer. Instead of just telling you what NOT to do and why, let me give you some solutions. Fair Enough?

There are a ton of “Soccer Moms” who’d love to work a few hours a day and get paid while their kids are at school. You could even go to your local high school or college and find students who would happily work FREE in your office as part of work/study credits. I’ve had tremendous luck finding razor-sharp, intelligent and dynamic college kids who have been essential in helping me implement my security business marketing plans.

During my first few years in the biz, I did not have an executive assistant. I eventually came to my senses and hired someone who could work independently and manage the internal office stuff/staff, enabling me to concentrate on the marketing of my security business.

I can’t even begin to tell you the dividends this has paid and the headaches this has saved over the years. Hiring an executive office assistant to deal with and help me manage the work that was pulling me down was probably one of the most important security business decisions I ever made. It completely liberated my time, so that I could concentrate on the money-making areas of my business.

I was able to pay for my new “whipper snapper” assistant by just doing a couple of things differently. I raised my rates by a few bucks more per hour, which added the necessary funds to cover his payroll costs. (This is perfectly okay in my opinion because having knowledgeable office staff is essential to having great, personable, customer service and faster response times on service calls.) This is a pretty easy way to pay for your assistant. Figuring in those extra bucks you will be adding to the 4 extra installs a month you got with the new security marketing campaigns you are implementing, it will pay for itself, lickety-split!

I’ll leave you with one of favorite quotes from Jim Rohn: “To Have More You Must Become More”

You must become the Rainmaker!

Have a Gr8 weekend!

Peace, out!

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