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How Would You Secure Lindsay Lohan’s House?

Hey Guys,

Quick blog post for today and I want to open the floor and see what you guys have to say. Check out the video the LAPD posted on youtube back in August to try and catch the guys who broke into Lindsay’s, hollywood hills home. From the video its hard to tell if they actually broke in,  so we are assuming the video was just spliced to show the best footage of the perps to solicit a positive ID. The LAPD did report the door had been prybarred open which set off the alarm.Regardless of what you think about Lindsay, its pretty creepy watching someone stalk out and break-in to a home.

Check out the video and leave a comment on how you would secure Lindsay’s house. Click the link “leave a comment” on the top right of the blog post and scroll down to the bottom (if it doesn’t take you there automatically)

P.S Connect to with your facebook account! Click “connect with facebook” in the sidebar, to avoid having to make an account to post a comment. Look forward to reading what you guys come up with. The best, most creative idea, will be forwarded to Lindsay’s publicist. :D

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