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I Got Marketing Answers to Your Marketing Questions

Question from Frank
What’s a better strategy to use – internal or external marketing?

Frank, the right answer to this one will depend on who you ask.  Some experts believe that internal is the place to focus, and some say external.
But since you’re asking the Security Marketing Guru – here’s my pearls of wisdom from the mountaintop…

I believe that a good mix of both is equally important.  Internal Security Marketing will keep your security clients around longer, and educate them so they buy more from you and send you good referrals.  External Security Marketing can bring in tons of new security clients.

If you were to concentrate only on external security marketing, you could get a bunch of new security clients, but retention and long-term sales may suffer.  If you focus only on internal security marketing, you would keep a bunch of security clients, but then you would have to rely solely on referrals, which can be done, but it may not bring you as many clients as you need to live high off the hog!

It is important to engage in both external an internal security marketing to get and keep new security clients and put an iron cage around them for life! There’s no perfect balance between them, but make sure you have at least 2 sources of internal security marketing (like a client newsletter) and at least 2 sources of external security marketing (like a postcard or direct mailing).

Question from Sy
What do you think about the 0-Down Market and what would be a good security marketing strategy for it?

Sy, I have dealers that work both sides of the fence – the Zero down or free market, and the $800 to $1500 installation market.  They both implement two different types of home security marketing systems.  It really comes down to what you are most confident in selling?  Do you feel confident in high-end security system selling or just giving away a no cost system and making up your sales by RMM on the back end?  What I can say is this…I have a piece that will be in next month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter that can be used against any other security dealers that are selling zero down or high end systems.  The piece is a postcard and can be used in either market, and will run circles around anything your competition puts forth.  It WILL put you in the perfect position to get the job and wipe out any competitive advantages.

Question from Tom
What do you think about direct mail marketing?

Tom, I can’t say enough good things about it!  I use many security marketing strategies, but am a Big, Big, Big fan of direct mail marketing.  My security marketing postcards and direct mail pieces  have been designed to cut through the clutter.  They are eye popping and grab the prospects attention quickly and get my messages across to each target market I send them to.  I think direct mail is the best thing for “Smart-Bomb” selling to new prospects.  The most important thing about doing direct mailings is to make sure you have a targeted list.  You NEED to know that the audience you’re putting your message in front of is receptive to your offer.  Message to Market Match is CRUCIAL. For instance, if you’re selling home security systems to new homeowners in Denver, CO, you’re message will certainly reflect this, therefore you list BETTER comprise all new homeowners in Denver, CO.

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