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I Spy With My Little Eye – Serious Marketing Opportunities

You can learn so much from your children about marketing your Security Business and/or Low Voltage Installation Company if you sit back and watch your children play and are observant of human nature on their minute level.

The “I Spy with My Little Eyes” game plays into basic human psychology. You choose to notice things in your daily environment, what you want to notice and no more.

My little girl Kiera loves to play this game with her class mates, the game goes something like this “I Spy with My Little Eye’s” something that is red, and you have to look for that particular object and fast as you can before the other the children do and you win the game.

I’m a big sucker for this game and I love to play it with my daughters when we are driving around in the car.

You should play the “I Spy with My Little Eyes” game with your security business throughout the day. I’m not going crazy….here me out on this!

“SPYING” is one of the most exciting jobs on the planet if you know how to do it.

Make no mistake about it. For you to become a top spy, you must possess certain characteristics, and learn many new skills and abilities.

This security marketing blog post lists what it takes to become a spy, use it for your own clandestine operations within your business.

Here is my version of this children’s game that you can play in your security business

“I Spy With My Little Eyes”– New or unique security niches that are opening in my local markets that I can apply Education Based Security Marketing ™ (EBSM) and can use my abilities to craft a compelling message to this marketplace. “I SPY” the slivers of opportunities that I can exploit to my advantage for greater market share.

“I Spy With My Little Eyes”– My technicians and staff doing great work, I should acknowledge them and say a few kind words. (If your remarks are sincere, friendly and caring, the relationship between you and your team will reflect that.)

“I Spy With My Little Eyes”– My clients which are my biggest source of referrals and are rewarding them for there good behavior, and because they are a dependable source of income.

“I Spy With My Little Eyes”– Customer complaints that can be settled right away, before things go up in smoke, and I lose a customer for life. (Remember you gotta take good care of your clients, because they’re your ticket to the promised land!)

There you have it.

Some of your best and most creative insights will come while you’re just playing around.

That’s how your mind works, and how it’s suppose to work!

Over and Out From Worcester, Massachusetts

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