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I Wanna Be A Security Sales Super Hero…

My First Question This Week Is From Steve:

Hi Bob,

I’m a newcomer to the security business…Don’t know diddly about it.  I’ve been in the satellite and internet installation game for a few years.   However, I’m about to take a leap and apply for a sales rep job for a small company in my area that is getting into the security system biz-commercial and residential.  They’ve been around a few years and have built a good reputation with some high end clientèle.  I want to do a bang-up job for them and make some green doing it. Your website is the only one of its kind involving marketing security systems and it seems you know your stuff.  I’m interviewing for the position in the next couple days.  When I get the job (I’m oozing confidence right now), how do you suggest I approach my new bosses with your concepts, strategies, and more importantly part with some seed money to get these strategies in motion? Also, where do you suggest I start getting the necessary industry savvy to speak intelligently about security systems?  Anything you can offer this “newby” will be greatly appreciated.
Steve P.

Hey Steve,

I appreciate the email.  You remind me of myself when I was a young buck – searching around for information and ideas to open the door to more Mr. Green.

Security Marketing Guru Horse Shoe magnetI’m in the attraction business, not in the convincing business cuz the convincing business sucks!  And what I mean by the attraction business is that when people arrive they’re already pre-disposed, pre-qualified and pre-sold on my services. You can certainly tell your boss (or bosses) about my site and have him sign up for my free weekly emails.  If he’s interested in having an “ESP Style” business (Easy, Successful and Profitable), he’ll jump on board!

If you’re looking for a place to start and have little “seed” money to do it, then what I’ve heard from my security dealers and low-voltage installers, who have been in a similar situation, is that they were soooo happy with my $1 offer (my Burger King Value Meal).  Some of them couldn’t believe that they waited to so long to take me up on the offer!  The $1 offer will get you started on my monthly Smokin’ Security Marketing newsletter.  With it, you’ll get the keys to the kingdom and unlock the door to a new way of marketing your security business and yourself!

I certainly appreciate your attitude, spunk and determination. It will carry you far!  For self-education, I would start hitting the trade magazines hard…try to get a year of back issue on some of them.  Also, reading the cut sheets for product specifications would help.

When dealing with prospects, your spiel should be WIIF –based (What’s In It For Me – “Me” being the prospect).  Here’s a great quote from Bill Gates – “Facts Tell, Stories Sell.”  So keep in mind, that your marketing material and sales lingo should be education-based and benefit driven.

Hey, thanks for the compliments on my website.  It’s the #1 security marketing website in the world that teaches security dealers who want to ATTRACT clients that PAY, STAY and REFER!  Now, Steve, go Smoke Your Competition!!


After 2 Decades Advertising and Marketing Doesn’t Work…. I Know Why…

My Next Question Is From Harvey:

Hi Bob.,

After 2 decades in the alarm business I’ve learned that advertising and marketing doesn’t work. And, yes, I’ve learned the expensive way. Does “phone cold calling” work? How do you approach this relatively inexpensive marketing and is it worth a try? The Federal and State “DO NOT CALL” laws have strict rules and stiff fines but there are parameters that are allowed. Your thoughts, please. Harvey C.


Thanks for the email and question about “cold calling.”  It’s a marketing approach that many installers do not use much, but, if done properly, can yield good ROI.  My friend, Will Paterson, from Demand Marketing, says you should get a minimum of one good qualified lead per every four hours of calling.  Now, you’re probably thinking that’s a lot of calling for one little old lead.  Well, not necessarily.  The good news about the “Do Not Call” law is that businesses are exempt! So the qualified lead will be a business and we all know that a security sale to a business is much larger – monetarily – than a residential security sale.  So, if you’re business sale average is $10,000 – $15,000 per sale, then the one lead per four hours is worth it.  But, what you need to be good at is converting that lead into a security client for life!

I’m sorry you’ve had such bad luck with marketing and advertising.  I did, too. I dealt with so many “marketing professionals” that, in the end, didn’t know squat on how to market to my security prospects and I wasted a whole lot of time and money finding this out!  These pros don’t care if you make payroll, as long as they get their commission, they’ll sell you swamp land in the Florida Pan Handle to get it!  But, it’s the reason why I decided to create and implement my own marketing programs so, I suppose, I owe the pros for that!

My suggestion to you is to do direct marketing campaigns and telemarketing campaigns to a highly targeted list.  You need to be doing my “Smart Bomb Security Marketing.”  No business should just rely on one marketing approach to get sales in the door.  Harvey, you can’t be a one-trick pony – especially in this market!

If you’re apprehensive to start doing marketing and advertising again, then I suggest to you, like I did to Steve above, to take me up on my $1 offer and start getting solid marketing advice and strategies, specifically for the security market, on “ESP Style” marketing (Easy, Successful and Profitable).  You certainly won’t be spending too much money to get it ($1, last I checked, wasn’t overly burdensome) and then you can decide for yourself!

For Telemarketing, I suggest you call my man Will – a rock ‘n roller from Detroit city – and he can get you going with security sales leads.  Will is also the person I interviewed on my audio success CD, that’s include in this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter, so I suggest you order the $1 offer.  If you’d like to contact him yourself, his contact info is as follows:

William Patterson
15312 Kercheval Ave.
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
313-823-8598 x 114
313-331-8811 Fax
DEMAND – We Create

P.S.  I’m outta here…  I have a 50 mile trek ahead of me on the Mass Pike, I have tickets to go see the  Red Sox take on the Bronx Bombers tonight at Fenway Park!

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