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I Wanna Start A CCTV Installation Biz…

Question from Kevin, the new CCTV guy on the block
Chicago CubsI am starting a CCTV installation company. I want to sell quality (Honeywell, Everfocus) equipment at reasonable cost to small retailers. I plan on selling 4 and 8 camera system packages. We will sell by inside sales and close with outside sales. We will push leasing. Do you think that this will be an effective sales strategy? Camera systems will be sold for $2450.00 including installation. 8 cameras will be sold for $5100.00. Any insight would be helpful.


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Hola Kevin,

This new CCTV installation company that you wanna kick start, sounds to me like a natural fit for your current telephony installation business. Now with that being said this is a fan-tas-tic time to be expanding your company into new technologies and to new market niches this is actually a no-brainer to creating [real] stability in your business and personal income.

Whenever Obama decides to get this economy moving in the right direction you’ll be sitting in the “catbird seat” with your tentacles in a handful of diverse low voltage niches.

Kevin, I don’t think you can you go wrong  installing Honeywell Video Surveillance or Everfocus Video Surveillance system both are quality surveillance products with good tech support.

The inside to outside sales approach if that’s working for you just keep it going. Leasing is a easy sell cuz Americans are hooked on payment plans that’s not gonna change in my in this publishers lifetime.

Offering a four (4) camera @ $2,450.00 and an eight (8) camera system @ $5,100.00 supplied & installed is a little light in my opinion. What’s that about $612.00 (4 CCTV system) & $637.00 (8 CCTV system) per installed port, I think that is well oh cheaply priced.

Betcha Kevin, a doughnut-to-dollar you haven’t sign up for my 5-day E-course “10 Steps to Selling Higher Then Competition!” (btw you can find this free e-course on my web site). Also take a look at this blog post about how to package your services more creatively.

SuperDawgs - ChicagoJust because you’re offering a cheap system doesn’t mean small retailers are going to buy it; most of these C-store owners have been through at least 2-3 CCTV systems installations in their stores. And for the most part they all complain about the cheap $&!# CCTV system that was installed.

I don’t know about you but I would rather sell an enhanced system that actually STOPS “perps” from boosting merchandise from their stores. The C-store owners are looking for a  CCTV system that actually cures a problem. Most of these C-store owners are folks that are pretty tech savvy and if they are educated about a superior CCTV system out there in the market and the ability to finance it they would in all likely-hood take the jump to an enhanced system.

Buying Speed…
Another question I would ask myself is:  “self how can I get the word out ASAP about my new business venture?”  I have a press release that I wrote well over 14-15 years ago that I used to jump start my CCTV career. I used to send this press release to C-store owners and property managers to establish the authority [expert] factor, this is also one of the bonuses that goes with Smokin’ Security Newsletter program. This PR that I wrote back then is probably more relevant today then it was back then. You could use this PR to contact every newspaper in the state of Illionis, send it to all of the C-store trade associations in your state, and heck if you want send it to existing client base telling them about your new CCTV installation business his is a short cut to building prominence fast. That’s what you get when you buy speed, you can cut and paste other peoples experience into your business, circumvent the learning curve. That’s how I see it.

Video Analytics…

In this months SSN I’ll be interviewing a Video Analytics expert, who give you the ins and outs of selling this sexy technology; this is where the moneys at in the CCTV market right now! This is what you need to be learning and installing if you want to be selling at “Higher Margins Then Your Competition”. You need to be on the ball with your security installation techniques.

There you have my insight as to what I would do if I were you!

Btw I did a interview last month with a security expert and he made one subtle suggestion about creating [panic rooms] as a way to taking the price out of the conversation when selling to security systems, and he gave specific examples of how to do this that are within everyone’s budget. That’s the type of stuff you get when you subscribe.

Here is a testimonial that just floated across the my desk with regards


Received the replacement CD and have already listened to it.  Tell Bob between the SSN and the CD’s too much information has me ready to fire in every direction.  Trying to slow down and decide the next step.

Jon Griswold
AA Lockserv


  1. Oscar says

    I want to open a gambling hotel in South Africa. What do I need and how long,much can the registration takes

  2. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Oscar, I’m sorry but that’s not my area of expertise. let me know if you need anything else..


  3. racy says

    dear i want to start a new business of importing cctv and access door.biometric etc.and installing in delhi ncr india. with which brand i should go with and how it can be a successfull one…?

  4. Bob Maunsell says

    Hi racy,

    Please sign up for my 5 Day eCourse.



  5. Robert says

    Hi sir,

    I need some guide to start a CCTV , door access, alarm etc business . It including both installation and selling products . Wat should I do?

    Thanks n regards,

  6. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Robert,

    Sign up for my Free 5day 10Step to selling at prices higher than your competition. Its right on our front page of the web site. Let us know if you need anything else.


  7. ROBERT MOOLI says

    i want to start a cctv camera installation and selling in my country uganda in , i have had analysis and there is a gap i have worked in the instrumentation eng. field for 15 years and i have expertise in this field , so what could be be the best start up tips .

  8. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Robert,

    Sign up for my Free 5day 10Step to selling at prices higher than your competition. Its right on our front page of the web site. Let us know if you need anything else.


  9. james says

    how do i market my cctv installation business in nigeria? I will like to come to your company and learn more about security.pls i will like to know your requrement so as to start making plans towards it.hope to hear from you soon. Your james obinna for spick control resources

  10. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey James,

    Please sign up for my free 5 day Video eCourse 10 Steps To Selling At Prices Higher Than Your Competition.
    You can easily sign up for it on the home page to the right side.

    Thank you and let us know if you need anything else.

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