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If Your Security Sales Live By Price They Will Die By Price

I was just reading some of the messages that I received from my LinkedIn Security Marketing Group members. A lot of the messages talk about how these members are getting kicked in the (you-know-what) from other low-ball competitors in the security industry.

These low balling tactics are especially prevalent during a slow economy, and low balling is seen across all the different security niches (such as, security dealers/integrators, private guard services, personal protection specialists, CPP, and low voltage system installers.)

A low-ball competitor needs only to alter one factor – PRICE – to steal clients from another low-ball competitor. But a low-ball competitor must alter a number of factors to steal a client from a High-End “Nordstrom style” security dealer that offers champagne service.

Price vs. Value
Most folks have a perception that the more expensive something is, the better it is. The best offer is when the “perceived value” is greater than the price. It’s so much easier to sell at premium prices when the value is greater than the price. You need to package your products and services to show they have tremendous value, so that it makes it abundantly clear, to your prospects and clients, that what you are offering greatly outweighs the amount of money you are asking.

Now you are probably scratching your head and wondering how you are going to build “perceived value” for your security products and services. Well, let me tell you….

How to Build Perceived Value
Offer the following:

  • 32 Point Security Audit
  • Consumer Awareness Guide – “10 Things You NEED To Know Before Hiring Any Security Dealer”
  • 1-800 Consumer Hotlines – Free recorded education-based messages for consumers.
  • Confirmation Letters
  • Booklet of Killer Client Testimonials
  • Smiley Face Letter (my famous Smiley Face letter!)
  • Quarterly Client Newsletter
  • Client Nurturing Websites
  • Powerful Money-Back Guarantees
  • “Goldilocks” Tiered Security Pricing
  • Utilizing Superior Security Equipment and Resources

Everything that we teach at sets the stage for having a high perceived value versus a low-ball price.

You want to be perceived as the Nordstrom or Starbucks of your industry and be able to charge more for your service – just like Starbucks charges more for a cup of coffee versus Mabel’s coffee shop. Starbucks provides a completely different experience and, in doing so, has created a “cult-like” following.

The Gospel Truth
The success of your security business can be directly related to how much time, money, and energy can be directed toward your security marketing efforts (i.e. your client attraction and retention systems.)

Have a Gr8 week!

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