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I’m Going Mobile [mobile technology podcast]

If I’m on my smart phone and I go to your website and look at your company, am I gonna think your website is like an old 8 track tape player? What I’m trying to say is, do you look old and outdated or new and cutting edge.

Technology is changing rapidly online and mobile is taking over. Your website has to look, feel, read, navigate and function a certain way to attract sales from your online visitors, or you’re losing big time business.

Consider This:
80% of consumers prefer to shop with their Smartphones
No less than 60% of mobile searches lead to an action within 60 minutes
77% of business owners use their smartphones to buy products and services for their businesses

Many security dealers and integrators think they are covered with their mobile enabled websites…but….The days of just being mobile enabled are over!

You can spend as much $$$$$ as you want on advertising, but if your potential customers find you on their Smartphones and you don’t look current (which EVERY security company should), you just wasted bookoo bucks.

What’s the difference?
Mobile ready is the new king. Scrolling, drop down menus and shrunken down desktop websites are out of date. Buttons, functionality and ease-of-use, like on a mobile app, are in.

If your website isn’t mobile ready and doesn’t look like an app on a Smartphone with buttons so visitors can quickly & easily navigate with their thumbs, you might as well have a picture of an 8 track player next to your company logo.

The mobile mind shift has arrived; your website has to function differently on a Smartphone. Technology has moved forward, you can either cling to the past or jump on board now.

Mobile Technology Podcast
Let us fill you in on everything in our mobile ready audio seminar. We will tell you all the new trends in mobile technology and exactly what to do so your competition doesn’t go mobile before you and take over your local online marketplace.

I promise you this will be the most interesting, educational, fun and compelling 20 minutes you could ever hope for from an audio program. You’ll learn what’s needed to easily attract online sales and services with a mobile ready website.

Dedicated To Growing Your RMR!

Rick Miller

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