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Important News About Your Security System

The subject line in this email got you to take action and open it up. Something I really take great pride in is my ability to write compelling copy for headlines,emails, web-pages, sales letters, postcards, newspaper ads,etc., that makes mo’ money for my clients and myself.

How would you like to have a killer follow-up sales letter, for after the install, that just knocks the socks off your newbie clients? A letter that shows your new clients that you are the most courteous and conscientious security professional on the planet. So, if I’ve got your interest, keep on reading…



Important News About Your Security System

Have you ever bought something and gotten treated so well by the seller that you just “knew” you made the right decision to buy it in the first place?

That’s what a Stick Letter does — it gives your client post-purchase reassurance.

In a nutshell, a stick letter is basically a thank you “plus” letter.

Let me explain: After you complete an installation or make a sale, the first thing you should be doing is thanking all your clients.

The Stick Letter is a thank you letter, “plus” something else. Usually it’s a free gift or free company gift certificate.

This type of letter is something your client is NOT expecting and will make them feel grateful for being treated so well (since almost nobody else is doing it).

The letter is designed to let your new security clients know that you are a real person that really cares and values your clients and that they are not just another number to you. It will make them feel “warm and fuzzy” and will make them “Stick” with your security company!

The letter will also stimulate massive referrals with the three special company gift certificates that are included with the letter.

This Stick Letter can be tweaked for use for anyone in the security industry (e.g. Locksmiths, Guard Services, Home Sound Systems, etc.)

You can even send this letter out to old clients – go back a year or so and do a courtesy follow-up to older clients using this letter.

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No other security dealer program in the world can deliver you gua-ran-teed money-making security marketing material like this each month. And I have been consistently doing so for well over six years now.

Special Bonus Report – The Hidden Treasure Chest
You know Pareto’s Principle, the 80/20 rule; 80% of profits comes from 20% of your clients, 80% of the grief comes from 20% of your clients – hopefully not the same 20 percenters! Even though everybody knows these rules, and knows that profits come disproportionately from a small number of clients, very few entrepreneurs do anything about it. Inside this special report, you’ll discover seven (7) things that security entrepreneurs fail to do that keeps them from striking it rich.

Special Bonus Audio Success CD – How To Run A Profitable & Successful Security Business. – One of my longtime members, Greg Peninger of NTX Security, spills the beans on what it takes to find quality technicians and sales rep, and how to run a first-class operation in a HIGHLY competitive marketplace.

But wait there’s even more stuff inside this amazing issue….

– Who’s the Weakest Link in your business?

– Discover why you should have “goofball” contests in your business.

– How To Create a No-Hassle PERS Program For Your Elderly Clients.

– The most amazing spot to run your PERS advertisements, I betcha you never thought of this niche publication.

– A FREE Recorded Message Reveals “7 Things You Must Know Before Choosing An Emergency Medical Response Company” – Damn Am I Good Or What :)

– The Sneakiest Place On The Planet For Advertising With Mobile Phones.

– Why FREE PUBLICITY Is A Must If You Want To Become A Local Security Guru.

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