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Increase Your Residential Security & CCTV Install Today!

I want to get right to the point, we have Hurricane Irene breathing down our necks and we have to batten down the hatches today, so I’m sending this email out lickety-split so have the opportunity to order this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter. The August issue is an incredible one, but It’s only available for five more days. You can take a 30- day free test-drive of it, so listen up to what your going to missing out on if you don’t get ordering:

– The Secret Sauce To Personal Branding Your Company.

– How to Build Your Personal Brand. (page 3)

– How To Create a Stellar Reputation.

– A Don’t Miss “No Sweat Guarantee” Clause For Your Security Business.

– A Dirty Little Secret About Pricing That You Can Learn From Disneyland. (page 9)

– Discover What J-Crew Does To Generate More Money.

– What You Need To Do To Every Lead That Comes Across Your Desk.

– 5 Rules For Dealing With High Net – Worth Referral Sources.

– New Rules For Creating A Hands-Free Security Selling Machine.

Special Report: How To Farm For More CCTV & Security Systems
There are lots of secret strategies that you can use to grow your security business rapidly. Security farming is only one method, but it’s a potent one and has the power to revolutionize your business, all by itself.

Inside this special report you’ll discover the following tactics and strategies to becoming a ninja marketeer:

– How To Steal Security Installs Away From Your Competitors.

– Never Having To Sit And Wait For Your Phone To Ring.

– 5 Easy Steps To Farm For Commercial and Residential Clients.

– Take The Mystery Out Of Choosing What Neighborhoods to Market To.

– A Tasty New Take On Designing Postcards.

– Spoiler Alert: Why Branding Is For Big Dumb Companies.

– Avoid This Toxic Ripoff About Marketing Your Company.

Whoa Nelly, Ol’ Bob ain’t done with you yet! With this special bonus report you get not one but two (2) postcards that you can use in two different target markets.

SSN-August 2011 Farming CCTV

Two Real-Life Postcards That You Can Mail Out Right Now:
Postcard # 1 – Residential Security Postcard – You can use this postcard to send to everyone in the neighborhood where you just did an alarm install.

Postcard # 2 – Commercial CCTV Postcard – You can use this postcard to send to everyone in the business district where you just installed a CCTV system.

SUPER DUPER BONUS # 2 – Private Members Only Webinar Call – “How To Find The Most Fertile Soil For Your Ideal Customer In Your Target Market.”

Now Go Smoke Your Competition – Bob Maunsell

P.S. Subscribe to Smokin’ Security Security Newsletter for one full
year. Take advantage of every benefit, month-in and month-out, including all the sales copy critiques… the live monthly examples and sales copy re-writes… the copywriting tips and strategies… and the creative warehouse of ideas that boost your response rates… and implement and incorporate these new ideas into your current security marketing. If after 12 months, you can honestly say you haven’t made at LEAST an extra $10,000 Dollars you wouldn’t have made without these resources, then I will refund 100% of the investment you’ve made in this newsletter, over those last 12 months. Is that fair or what?

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