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Inside The Mind Of A Top Security Sales Consultant…

When I consult, one-on-one, with security dealers and security sales reps, I have the distinct feeling that, at times, these professionals have a tendency to “underestimate” themselves and the unique gifts they bring to the security industry.

Your knowledge, whether it’s learned in vocational school, or through an authorized dealer program, or just good old fashion, on-the-job-training, puts you in the unique role of a security sales consultant, so why not use what you know to your advantage?

Don’t wait for someone to bestow on you the role of “Top” security consultant or the go-to-guy for the best security advice in town.  Go claim that title for yourself, today!

When you are educating prospective clients about what’s the best kind of intrusion system to install at their home or business, or about installing infrared cameras or thermal imaging cameras, etc, etc…they are relying on YOU for your overall security expertise and recommendations to help them secure their valuable assets from all the nuts and wackos out there!  So you are the esteemed security dealer and are probably the most knowledgeable person they know when it comes to these kinds of exotic technologies. In other words, you are the “TOP DOG”!

The Magic Wand
Shoot, I hope your not waiting in line for your name to be called at some industry event for your gold plaque.  Heck, if you’re waiting for the “Expert Fairy” to fly through the door and smack you over the head with her magic wand and say, “NOW you’re ready to be a “TOP” security sales consultant” then you’ll be waiting a long time for that to happen.

And if you’re waiting for someone else to give you recognition, that day will be a long time coming…like in your funeral eulogy.  Cuz most people in life don’t really want to see you get ahead, especially another security dealer or sales rep!

Just remember…“Fortune favors the bold” – not the weak or timid!

Leap Frog
The TOP security sales consultant will leap frog over all the other security consultants and grab the top rung of the ladder and dare people to knock him off the top rung.

Most security sales consultants will just show up at a prospect’s home or office as if by “accident.” What I mean by that is…they don’t have a plan or a “process” – they are just happy as heck to get out of the office and go for a drive with a cup of coffee and make a presentation. They get out of the car just like they got in, without having a “process” for up-selling, cross-selling, or just plain old making the sale. I would say over 90% of the guys I’ve consulted with, prior to meeting me just hung the sale on hoping and praying that the prospect might accept their offer.

A top security sales rep has a multistep, multimedia “attack modes” for closing the sale and “stealth-bomb” follow-up systems after the sale, to make the new client feel like a million bucks. Do you?

School Is Never Out For the Pro
A TOP security sales consultant always is perusing the best sales motivation material, has his vehicle turned into a “university on wheels”, while he is driving to and from sales presentations he is  listening to the very best  audio success CD’s and is reading cutting-edge security marketing advice – like in my monthly newsletter, the Smokin’ Security Newsletter. You need a constant flow of new ideas and examples flowing to you from diverse locations to get your mind lubed for creative thinking about wealth building.

Negative Ned
The mindset of a  TOP security sales consultant  is mission-critical in that he isn’t driving around all day thinking destructive thoughts like a “Negative Ned”, and the top four (4) thoughts that are constantly occupy the mind of a dead beat sales rep aka “Negative Ned” are drum roll please…Security Marketing Guru - Negative People

1- Everybody in my town buys by price.

2-Everybody in my town is a cheapskate.

3-I always get the dead-beat leads

4-There’s a huge alarm company in my town, that gets all on the sells anyways, so there’s no use trying.

When the TOP security sales consultant has negative thoughts enter his mind, he deliberately snubs it out with positive thoughts.

There you have it what is separates the men from the boys, the key is getting up on your on your hind legs every day and do the very best you can do!

Have a Gr8 Weekend!

Go Smoke Your Competition!

Have a Good One


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