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Insurgents Hack into Video Feeds…Who’s Hacking Into Your Feeds?

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that insurgents in Afghanistan and  Iraq are using off the shelf commercial software programs such as “SkyGrabber” (which is a satellite internet software down-loader program that can capture free to air (FTA) transmissions of video, music, and pictures.) This product is available only on the internet for the ridiculously low price of $29.95. Utilizing SkyGrabber, the insurgents are able to tap into the live video feeds of the U.S. Predator drones and get the exact same video intelligence that our military is getting!

The intelligence community has compared this problem to street criminals and cat burglars listening to police scanners, in the alleys, back in the day. The Pentagon has known about this flaw since Bosnia in the 1990s.

U.S. Predators…
The Predators can fly, unmanned, for hours by remote control…while the pilots – who are sitting in comfortable chairs and sipping a coffee or Dr. Pepper on some remote U.S. military base thousands of miles away – can capture video and watch “hot-spots” in troubled areas around the world, unnoticed.  The Predators can fly armed or unarmed and is increasingly becoming the weapon of choice in hunting down al-Qaida and other militants in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and other areas around the world.

Intercepting Predator Video…
The Predators systems weren’t “hacked” — the insurgents can’t control the planes because they are encrypted, but because the video downlink is unencrypted, the insurgents can tap into it and watch the same video feeds as the coalition forces down on the ground.  The primary fear of this is that militants watching the video, notice that their compound is under surveillance and can flee the scene before a “HELL FIRE” missile sends them to Allah and their 72 virgins.  Or another case scenario is that the insurgents watching the video will notice a team of Special Forces walking through a recognizable area and attack them.

The KeyCode…
The command and control channels of the Predator have always been encrypted — because that’s more important and easier to manage the keycodes at the base level. The video feeds are a little different.  The video needs to be available to multiple military units, multiple nationalities and various levels of security clearance.  So keycoding would be much more difficult to implement.

Internal & External Security Marketing…
If we look at our security marketing efforts as it pertains to being encrypted vs. unencrypted, I would like you to look, first off, at your external security marketing efforts (i.e. billboards, Yellow Pages ad’s, website, vans) as unencrypted marketing messages – meaning that they are messages that are wide open for your competition to see, and copy-cat, and hack into at will.

Your internal security marketing efforts are the “top-secret” communications you have with your  house list of current clients, past clients and potential clients (which are encrypted.) Examples of these efforts are: your client newsletter, your direct mail pieces, referral programs, client appreciation events, niched industry lead-generation reports (such as, retail theft report, high end residential security report), client gifting system, client birthday cards, etc…

You obviously need a good mix of encrypted and unencrypted marketing strategies to withstand any threats to your electronic security business.

You really have no control over the unencrypted security marketing messages that you put out…your competition can “hack into” your messages and steal any ideas.  But your encrypted marketing message are yours…and should be good.  They will distinguish you from the rest and make you lots of hay, if done right!

Happy New Year!!!
I wish you and your families the very best in 2010, and let’s make it a productive and profitable year!

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