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Cool Marketing Ideas From Ireland (Photos Inside)

In July, I was off on holiday, for half the month, in Ireland, visiting a boat-load of my relatives that live on the Emerald Isle. Both my parents are “off the boat” from Ireland and grew up on large farms. One has 8 siblings and the other has 9 siblings. So you can imagine how big the extended family is! Ireland is in a complete melt-down right now. The economy is so bad and so many people are laid off.

But, the security business is booming! I could not believe how many security installation vehicles I saw on the road. I was so eager to find out why that I met with a couple of my Smokin Security Newsletter members and interviewed them. While I was there, I saw a lot of great security installations, and some pretty nifty security marketing ideas.

Also, in Ireland, there’s no such thing as a FREE alarm system. Everybody pays for a system. The basic system is 800-900 Euros (that’s $1,040 – $1,170 U.S)

There are two options for monitoring the system. You can choose one or both. They are:

  1. If the alarm trips, the system will send a text message to four different phone numbers. There’s no monitoring company involved with this option and no extra fee involved.
  2. For 120 Euros ($156 US dollars) per year or 10 Euros ($13 US dollars) per month, the alarm system will send it’s signals to a national monitoring company.

As always, here at Security Marketing Guru, were traveling around the world to find the best ideas for security dealers and low voltage installers to make a maximum impact in your bottom line.

The more you learn about how other security dealers are successfully marketing their security business, the more successful your security business will become.

Here are some of the pictures from Ireland that you’ll see below

  • In Ireland, believe it or not, folks there don’t like window stickers or yard signs (like the US), so all the Irish security dealers have these horn strobes mounted on the outside of homes and businesses. Each security company has their own strobe with their own company logo on it.
  • This one is pretty cool: A teeny-wennie motion detector that Irish security dealers hide in the window sills so customers can put the motion detectors on while they are roaming around their home and still be protected. A great way to utilize motion detectors…there’s no need to bypass the motions.
  • A little something that you should be putting on the side of all your outside CCTV cameras to generate more awareness about your company and more sales.
  • Some pretty cool vehicle designs. By the way, all their vehicles run on clean diesel and they get around 60 miles to the gallon!
  • Check out the color of the Irish fire alarm panels.
  • Also check out some great pictures of the Ireland countryside.
Security System Sticker Advertising

Irish Security Dealer Window Sticker - They Don't Use Too Many of These Things...They Mainly Rely on The Exterior Sounder and Strobe Light

Security Business Advertising on Vehicles

Pretty Cool Company Logo

Security Marketing Tralee Ireland

Note all the Security Services they offer!

Eye Catching Security Marketing on Vans

If You Look Closely by the Fuel Door, You Will See All the Alarm and Security Associations of Which They Belong.

Security Van Advertising

I Like How The Europeans Label Security Products, Intruder Alarm System vs. (American) Burglar Alarm System

Security Vehicle Advertising

This Security Dealer, Shure Alarm, is located in the same small village where my Mom grew up, Kilflynn Ireland

Security Company Advertising on Vans

Here's A Guy Who is Doing It All, In A Small Town.

Ireland Security Van Marketing

This is What A Security Sales Rep Drives Over in Ireland. Renault

Irish Security Van Advertising

Notice everyone drives smaller cars, combination of small roads and gas prices. These all get 60+MPG and run on clean diesel.

Irish Gate Opener

Notice the electronic access gate. Protecting the entrance to the Muckross Castle

Irish Electronic Keypad

My daughter Bridget, observing the electronic keypad which controls the electronic access gate into Muckross castle.

CCTV Security System Warning Label

Here is a very cool, digital CCTV sign. That an Irish security integrator uses to ward off vandals and promote his services.

Kingdom Greyhound Stadium

Night @ the dogs, Kingdom Greyhound Stadium

Windows PIR Detector

Here is an awesome little motion detector. Irish security dealers mount inside the window sills, to protect windows. They only draw a beam on the window sill itself, making it pet and people friendly to keep the alarm on when people are home.

Security Marketing Guru - Muckross Castle

Me and My Girls at Muckross Castle, Killarney Ireland

Security Marketing Guru Dingle, Ireland

Natasha and I on the Dingle Peninsula.

Security Marketing Guru at Brandon Point Ireland

Brandon Point, This is a surreal vantage point, standing on the edge of a 300ft cliff!

Traditional Irish Breakfast

World Famous - Traditional Irish Breakfast, Fried Egg, Irish Sausages, Black Pudding, Lambs Blood, White Pudding, Fried Tomatos and a Big Cup of Tea

Ireland Surveillance System Marketing

Here is a "Wicked Awesome" display of a Security Company (ADA Security). This is the front of the store, they have an illuminated horn strobe and CCTV camera with their company logo.

Surveillance System Marketing Ireland

Another very cool CCTV camera with a company logo.

CCTV Camera Marketing

Another company labeling their CCTV system.

Ireland CCTV Camera Security Marketing

If you notice, in Ireland they don't use window stickers. Most home and business owners prefer not to have stuff stuck on their windows, they would much rather have the illuminated Horn Strobes on the exterior of their building or home.

Ireland CCTV Camera Marketing

If you don't swipe and deploy this idea you aren't serious about marketing your security business. BTW these cameras are protecting the entrance to Kingdom Greyhound Stadium

Brandon Point

Where The Streets Have No Names (Literally and Figuratively). Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Brandon Point

Brandon Point Ireland

Kinsale Ireland

Pretty cool town, great food and entertainment.

Ross Castle

Here is another old, historic castle. Ross Castle

Identify Your Best Clients for Security Marketing

Notice how the farmers identify their best sheep. Do you know who your best clients are?

Putting A Fence Around Your Security Marketing Herd

Do you have a fence around your herd of clients?

Ballyseede Castle

Here is Ballyseede Castle. My father grew up just down the street, I can tell you his humble abode looked nothing like this...

Security Dealer Upside Down

My cousin drives a concrete truck, every-time he drives by this pub he laughs.

Security Marketing Intruder Alarm System Sticker

I personally like "Intruder Alarm System" better than Burglar Alarm System.

Ireland ADT Alarm Sounder

Here is another alarm sounder that ADT uses over in Ireland.

Ireland Alarm Sounder

Here is Chubb Security's outdoor siren, they are a HUGE international player in the security market.

Ireland Fire Alarm Panel

Irish Fire Alarm panel, what stuck me was it is not a "red" panel like we commonly see here in the U.S. Most of the fire alarm panels I saw were either beige or white in color.

Security Marketing Ireland Alarm Sounder

The more I saw these Alarm Strobes all over Ireland, I thought they would be a great idea for the U.S

Security Marketing Ireland Keypad

Here is an Irish alarm keypad with all the security dealer's sticker, in the event the client needs service.

Security Marketing Ireland Intrusion Panel

Here is the alarm system at my cousin's house. This was a retro fit, the alarm panel was hidden right above the door outside the kitchen because they don't have basements or attics.

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