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Is Someone Ripping You Off? CHECK..CHECK..CHECK, Online Cattle Thieves

We’re all in the security business and our business is to make people feel safe and secure…whether they’re home alone…or when they go away on vacation…or when they leave their homes or offices vacant…I could go on and on here and I know you know what I’m talking about.  We are the “Super Heroes” and it’s in our biological DNA to stop crime once and for all (can you tell I’m reading the Marvel Comics book right now!)

Anyway, as I was saying…our job is to stop crime, PERIOD!  And catch the crooks, crack heads, gangsters, punks, perverts and dead-beat derelicts in their tracks!  But, while you’re cruising around in your Bat Mobile, saving the needy citizens of Gotham City, I bet you don’t even realize you’re vulnerable to a very dangerous type of theft – a theft that your competition greatly benefits from!   Wondering what the hell I’m talking about – are you?  Well, I’ll tell you….it’s the theft of your IP.  No, I don’t mean your IP address silly (but that could be stolen by your competition if you don’t renew your domain name!).  I’m talking about your Intellectual Property.

Online Cattle Thieves

For those of you who have a website (and you should all have one by now!).  The information you provide on your site is there for the taking.  Your competitors can copy your stuff and make it look like their own (especially free reports and any info-based marketing material you have online.)  If you’ve been listening to me and doing what I tell yah, you have that kind of stuff available online for your clients.  Because, with it, you are positioning yourself as an expert, the most knowledgeable, security installer around…and the go-to guy for security.  But how can you keep your competitors from swiping your ideas and intellectual property?  EASILY…Let me explain how:

Online Security Marketing Cattle ThievesIP theft is no different then someone boosting a DVD from Best Buy, or breaking into a house out on Long Island and the “perp” stealing a flat screen TV off the wall.  Stealing is stealing and down-right punishable in court.  Just cuz it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free or doesn’t count!

The Easter Bunny
So here’s your Easter gift (lets just say the Easter Bunny’s coming a little early this year):  Check out this valuable little online tool that let’s you see if anybody’s been swiping your online material.  I use it on my site and you should use it on yours, too.  And besides – it’s FREE.  Now, there’s no excuse!  And don’t kid yourself into thinking your competitors aren’t stealing your stuff – you’d be surprised!

Go to  The free Copyscape service makes it easy to find copies of your content on the Web. Simply type in the address of your web page, and Copyscape does the rest. Copyscape finds sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those that have quoted you.

You can also stick the Copyscape banner on your website to let potential IP thieves know your are watching!

And remember, online theft of your intellectual property (IP) is the modern-day equivalent of cattle thieves! Lets just call these guys and girls “Online Cattle Thieves.” And you know what happened to cattle thieves in the old west… They were LYNCHED!

Check, Check, Check…

During my time in the Air Force I was stationed at Ramstein Air Base, in West Germany. One of my jobs as an Electronic Systems Tech was to setup and maintain the Southwest Micro Perimeter Detection systems. These systems would create a 3 dimensional perimeter around the F-16 Falcons. When I was working on or setting up these devices I would always hear the flight crew, walking around the bird, saying check, check, check, check, check, check….Being absolutely certain that they didn’t miss a thing and the $30MILLION Are Your Protecting Your Million Dollar Investments?DOLLAR INVESTMENT would be able to take off and land safely.

But, here’s my question to you:  Who’s walking around your MILLION DOLLAR INVESTMENT….saying check, check, check, check?

In no way am I suggesting that your techs or office staff are porking you, but you ALWAYS want to keep an eye out  – to make sure that things like…the service vans aren’t being used on the weekends for side jobs…and that your getting 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay.

You also need to make sure that your phones are being answered properly; always a damn good idea is to play “mystery shopper” on your company. Is Patti the office secretary really doing a good job answering the phone?  This is the FRONT LINE for capturing new security clients. Perhaps you don’t have a Patti in your office, and instead use an answering service.  Then, by all means, “mystery shop” your answering company. How can you “Except what you don’t inspect?” How are your service technicians getting along with your client base?  Are they making your clients very happy so that they will gladly do the Big 3 with you:  Pay, Stay, and Refer?  How do you know these things if you aren’t walking around your fighter plane and doing the pre flight checklist… check, check, double check!!?

Have a great week!

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