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It’s Times Like These You Learn To Sell Again

I was working out this morning with my kettle bells when one of my favorite songs came on by the Foo-Fighters, “Times Like These.”   The the catchy versus goes like this:

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again

I thought the versus should be “It’s times like these you learn to sell again.”

Everybody loves blaming Obama for the economy, and instead of taking responsibility for there own personal economy which they can control.

Can you answer the following questions, and say “hell yah” I do that!

1. Do you offer top quality security products and unbelievable service Before, During and After the security install?

2. Do you consider yourself to be an honest and ethical security professional who really cares deeply about your prospects and customers, and will go a country mile out of your way to make sure they receive what they want need and desire?

3. Will you give your clients “champagne service” that is 1000X better than your competitors, even after they’ve invest in your security company’s products or services?

If you can’t answer “hell yah” to these three question, your # 1 mission in life is to fix that ASAP.

If you don’t offer top quality security products or services, then stop selling them or find something else to sell.  If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and say I provide better client experience before, during and after the security sales and installation, then shame on you.

It’s Not The Economy And Stop Blaming Obama
Listen up. I’m not saying it’s not tough out there, but you’ve got to deal with the hand you’ve been dealt. You see, it’s not the economy, the government or the location that makes you successful. It is your ability to attract prospects, turn those prospects into clients, then delivering a high-grade service with a “WOW” factor and having a follow-up system in place that teaches clients to PAY, STAY and REFER.

The Fastest Way To Grow Your Security Business Today
People keep asking me when is the recession going to be over, and my question to them is, “when are you going to be over the recession?” If you’re not doing well, it is because you didn’t answer “yes” to the questions above. If you are doing well and want to do better, then you need to work on these areas:

– Creating a robotic security selling system that automatically deliver you pre-qualified, pre-motivated, and pre-sold clients interested in doing business with you.

-Branding yourself as the “Security Guru” in your market.

– Discovering new profit centers in with your existing clients.

-Generating maximum profit from each installation.

-Create a wicked awesome client referral system.

-Creating packages and irresistible offers for your products and services.

Have a great weekend!

It’s football season again woo-hoo!

Go Pats!


  1. george kimani says

    Hi Bob,

    You are awesome. Hope the world had 100 people like you and i am just doing the best to improve our services.

    Wish you the best and remember to live longest.


  2. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey George,

    I’m blown away by the kind words. We’re always trying to be the best, and do the best. let me know if you need anything? Now go smoke your competition!

  3. amu says

    superb ezine & newsletters . thanks for sharing .u r king in fields!!

  4. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Amu,
    Thanks for the kind words. Let me know if you need anything.

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