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Do This For Your Top Clients Now!

“Wazzup” as they use to say in the late 90’s.

Last Friday, I left my office to grab a bite to eat at Dagwood’s Restaurant and then make a pit stop at my local smoke shop, Brightleaf Tobacco, where I picked up a couple of primo cigars for the weekend. After I made my selection, I headed over to the register to cash out. I pulled out a fifty for my purchase. While I was standing at the counter, I noticed a container filled with small Humidipaks (These Humidipaks provide relative humidity of 69% to keep your stogies nice and fresh.) The Humidipaks were priced at .99 cents. I said to the proprietor, Eddie, I’ll take one of those Humidipaks along with the cigars I’m buying today.

Eddie replied, Bob those Humidipaks just came in and they’re free for my really good customers (meaning me). I’ve been throwing them in the bags of my heavy-hitters, the guys that buy a lot of expensive cigars and are repeat customers of mine.New Humidipak

Whoa, that made me wonderful, not only was I getting a free goodie (the Humidipak), but the praise that was heaped on, like about being a loyal, repeat customer, made me feel real good. And it probably only cost Eddie .30 cents and a few extra words at checkout, to make a good customer feel appreciated and wanted, and to create a loyal bond between us. It also created a referring client, because I’ve been telling all my cigar-smoking friends and acquaintances about how great Eddie’s smoke shop is…I’m even telling you!

When you think about this interaction, how many of you are creating the same type of loyal, referring client in your security business? What “little something” are you handing out to your client-folk that makes them feel warm and fuzzy and lets them know that you truly appreciate their patronage?

If your answer is “nothing,” well, that has to change, but quick!

I’ll let you in on my secret “little something” trinkets that I send out to keep my herd of clients loyal and referring. I use inexpensive gifts from Little They have the perfect array of nominally priced items that you can give to your clients to thank them for choosing your security business and to let them know how much you appreciate their patronage. It will make them feel like a million bucks! And I’ve negotiated a little gift for you from Little Something….

A Special Gift For Your Heavy Hitters
I have created a special link for you to order from Little I’ve negotiated a sweet deal for you with my friends at Little Something, because I’m a real good guy and I like to pass along great things that will help people. The deal is: for first-time buyers, you can order any five (5) items from Little Something for half price! And you don’t have to buy all five at once.

Typically I spend $9.95 on the gifts I buy for my “heavy-hitter” clients. So if you want to do likewise, you can make 5 clients real happy for $25 (with ½ off the $9.95 price tag.) Of course you don’t have to spend that amount, they have a wide array of gifts ranging in price. And, again, you don’t have to buy all five at once. You have up to five items for half price, so you can order one at a time, if you’d like.

The coupon code for you first-timers is SECURITY (enter it at the bottom of the shopping cart page before checking out.) This offer is only available for USA security dealers.

It’s a no-strings attached deal, so Click Here to get it! Just remember, if you’re not knocking your clients socks off, somebody else will!

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