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“James Bond Gang” Looting High-End Jersey Homes

Natasha and I can’t wait to see the new James Bond flick “SKYFALL,” which arrives in theaters November 4th. My wife loooves Daniel Craig. He’s her favorite Bond to date. I really like the Jason Bourne infusion they’ve done to the Bond franchise.

My Turn-Around Specialist, Rick Miller, sent this interesting post that he found online about a string of robberies in New Jersey. They’ve been at it again – a sophisticated burglary ring targeting homes in affluent areas of New Jersey.

‘James Bond Gang’ Burglarizing Homes In Affluent New Jersey Areas

Cops: Thieves Operate With Hollywood Crook-Type Precision And Are Relentless

The bandits, who are best known as the “James Bond Gang,” have hit dozens of homes in the past year. The suspects’ latest break-in in Chatham Township was caught on video, as CBS 2’s Christine Sloan reported Tuesday. With his face covered, one of the suspects – looking like a bandit right out of a movie – was seen on the surveillance video walking right up to the front door of the home.

Then, instead of kicking in the double door, he bumped it several times with his rear and busted it open. The purpose, more than likely, was to avoid leaving a footprint, police said. Afterward, his accomplices made their way in. The suspects were caught on video outside. But once they made it through the doors, they pulled the plugs on the cameras inside and dismantled the alarm system by ripping the panel out of the wall. They did it all in just seconds.

The bandits mostly took men’s and women’s jewelry, as well as a high-end pocketbooks, Chatham Township Police Detective Sgt. Maureen Kazaba said. Police would not say how much jewelry was taken, but they were sure the burglars were connected with the so-called James Bond Gang. The ring gets its name from burglars back in the 1980s, who used 007-style getaway cars – some rigged with revolving license plates. In the past several months, the gang has broken into homes in Somerset and Morris counties. On Sandy Hill Road in Chatham Township, surveillance cameras captured the suspects casing the house for 13 minutes. Part of the time, they were taking a walk around the house to find out where the alarm panel was so they could get in and disable it, police said. Most of the time, there is a short delay – in this case, 30 seconds.

The victimized family was on vacation at the time, and in the surveillance video, several packages could be seen at the front door. Area residents said they have since taken precautions, such as having the Post Office hold their mail when they go away. “First thing they should do is have a timer on the house, and leave the lights on so the timer goes, and make sure they don’t leave papers in the driveway,” said Mike Stoddard of Harding Township. Police said the burglars hit homes near major highways so they could drive off quickly. Back in 2011, several men were arrested in Bergen County, N.J., for targeting homes in Sparta. Police believe as gang members get imprisoned, new criminals are recruited.

Your Opportunity To Offer A Unique Security Solution
Whoa Nelly, if you lived in this high-end neighborhood, wouldn’t you be scared sh*tless if the James Bond gang was attempting break-in’s in nearby homes? Your exact thoughts would probably be, “I need to get me a state-of-the-art, high-tech intrusion detection system to thwart these burglars.” Or your other come to Jesus moment might be, “is my security system sufficient enough to foil the advance from the James Bond Gang?”

Dropping The Atom-Bomb
Fortunately for you this is an easy market to blanket with your communications. By utilizing a new program from the good ol’ United States Post Office (which I go over in its entirety in this month’s issue of The Smokin’ Security Newsletter), you can easily send an education-based postcard to the entire neighborhood as to why they should contact YOUR security company immediately for a FREE 32 Point Security Inspection. This mailing can be done in “micro” batches of 200 postcards for .15 cents each, or you can drop an Atom-Bomb on the neighborhood with up to 5,000 postcards to educate your prospects. Let me tell you this Opie, there is no freakin’ way SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can compete with a delivery system from the USPS for new client acquisition. With SEO, you’re waiting for people to search you out. With Direct Mail, you’re taking the “Crossfire Hurricane” approach right to the streets and to their front doors to attract these potential prospects to your website or to call you directly for your special offer – in this case, the security audit.

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