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Keep On Rockin In The Free World

Leaf Hat 2 copy

Thank God I brought back this leaf hat from the El Yunque National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico. It has come in handy since it’s been raining cats and dogs up here in New England since we got back!

Here are just a couple of random guitar rifts what I love about this country:

In America we have the greatest chance for “opportunity”, even in this national and international recession there has NEVER been a better time to start a security business of your own, or acquire another alarm dealer, or grab more market share for your current security company, it’s a beautiful landscape for a security entrepreneur who are in the conquering mode.

Succeeding in America is easy, it is neither magical nor mysterious, and that’s why everyone wants to come here. If you choose to develop a marketing mindset, and you turn your marketing powers lose on your security business and make it magical you’re your gonna make a mint for yourself gu-ran-teed!  What other country can you do that in…?  Only in America…

The real genius to make the marketplace flourish doesn’t come from the government it comes from entrepreneurial wizards.  Guys and gals, like you and me, out there hustling everyday making it happen not waiting around for  the big fat slooow  government to take care of us.

Personally, I believe the biggest reason when you boil it down the reason to go in to business for yourself is *FREEDOM*. *Financial Freedom*, *Entrepreneurial Freedom* or whatever   *FREEDOM*, means to you!

Leave your comments below and let me know what freedom means to you!

Check out one of my favorite MTV Music Awards performances from back in the day from Neil Young and Pearl Jam do a killer performance on Neil song  Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World…..

I’m going off the grid for a few days talk to ya when I get back in town!

Have an E.S.P Style day! (Easy. Successful and Profitable)

Have a Great July 4th Weekend!

Now Go Smoke Your Competition!


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