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Killer Commercial Security Postcards & Residential Email

I had an awesome time out in Las Vegas at the ISC West 2015. I met a lot of my awesome SMG members who are doing absolutely fabulous. I also had the opportunity and pleasure to meet quite a few folks who have been reading my stuff for the past few years. And I went out to eat with some pretty amazing security entrepreneurs to some fancy restaurants. All in all, a damn good time.

One of the main questions I had for folks looking for marketing advice, was do you have a down and dirty postcard that you can easily mail out to prospects to generate a quick cash flow surge? This type of postcard can also be readily converted into an email and sent out to people to stimulate sales and referrals. A double bang from just one marketing piece – online & offline business-building use.

Lo and behold, I have a commercial security postcard, and a residential email that you can implement right now to increase your installations and sales, along with a mobile marketing webinar that will leave your competition in the dust.

So listen up! If you want to get ahead!

Burglar Repellent Email Marketing Strategy
If you’ve recently updated your yard signs or have a new company logo, send out this email to your clients offering a new yard sign, plus offering a free security audit for clients that have family members, friends or colleagues in need of a security system or security upgrade (it’s a GREAT referral-generating email.) You’ll get a great response, plus a good deal of referrals. You can send this marketing piece out: 1) as an email, 2) mail the offer out as a letter, 3) insert the offer as a flyer in with your bills, 4) fax it to your clients. You could even 5) blog the offer and 6) post it on your social media platforms (6 marketing uses from just one kickin’ marketing piece!)

If you would like to put this versatile email into use, for just $19.95, click here by becoming a Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club Program.

Killer Commercial Security Postcard Strategy
I’d like to share with you two (2) killer postcards that a locksmith uses to generate commercial security work. My locksmith client sends these postcards out regularly and they always bring in business.

Killer Postcard #1

Killer Postcard #1

Killer Postcard #2

Killer Postcard #2

Look closely at the postcards with the big ass headline on the back saying, Need Door Repairs? My client told me that this postcard is a lead magnetic, and that folks love the “Before, During, and After” pictures on the back of the card. This is such an easy-as-pie (home cooked) template to model. Everyone should be able to provide before, during and after pictures on any security technology they install, along with the heading:

Need____________Repairs? (fill in the blank.)

Let me take a stab at it….

Need CCTV System Repairs?
Need Fire Alarm System Repairs?
Need Card Access System Repairs?
Need Gate System Repairs?
Need Intercom System Repairs?
Need Burglar System Repairs?
Need Lock Repairs?

Then you can take Before, During, And After pictures, and, voila, instant postcard in a box template. You’ll notice on the front of the postcard my client has a $50.00 off coupon to go along with the new door upgrade. Along with a real picture of his fleet and his technicians.

The second postcard is an offer for a commercial security system, along with another very good headline “Is Your Property Secure?” Also included is a coupon for a free panic button, again, nicely tied in with a picture of his team.

I, personally, like to see real pictures of team members and vehicles in the photos and real pictures of job installations (not corporate stock images that scream fake.) It just makes the postcard look authentic and shows readers that you are legit.

If it works as an direct mail piece, it will work nicely as an email, and use the heading “Need _____ Repairs” as the subject line. You should be able to send it out in email format a couple of times a year to rustle up some sales.

This postcard is also a versatile marketing piece that can be 1) mailed out converted into an 2) email and sent out to prospects and clients, plus it could also be used as a 3) web page for commercial security, as a 4) blog post, and 5) social media postings (5 great marketing uses!)

If you would like these two (2) samples postcards, plus the Burglar Repellent email, for just $19.95, then join our Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club Program.

Need More Reasons To Join…
Check out these other great marketing piece & bonuses included in this month’s Smokin Security Newsletter Coaching Club:

Special Report: The Art Of SEO & How To Use It To Help Your Website’s Ranking On Google

First off, before getting into SEO, and how it works, and how you can use it to increase your website’s ranking with Google, you gotta make sure your website is a HIGH CONVERTING WEBSITE. In other words, it’s designed with sales funnels in place that attract and capture the contact information of the two types of visitors coming to your site – those looking for MORE INFO before making a buying decision, and those looking to BUY NOW. That’s exactly how we design SMG’s Super Selling Websites, so make sure your site is designed likewise, or else…

If your site does not offer easy-to-access, appealing security information that lures & captivates visitors, and you’re putting effort into SEO and ranking better on Google and other search engines, your dejected visitors will swiftly and simply click the back button and go to your competitor’s site – its’ that easy to lose an online sale these days.

In this report, learn how to design a high converting, easy to access, and appealing website that Google will rank well.

Smoke Your Competition Online In 2015 Special Members Only – Mobile Marketing Webinar
If You Provide Security Services Within 45 Mile Radius This Training Is A Must For You!

Brand New ADVANCED Mobile Strategies Reveal: “How to FOREVER Increase Your Profits With Google’s Dreaded
Mobile Friendly Search Results Update On April 21st.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover…

Mobile Strategy # 1 – The # 1 mistake almost all local security businesses make when it comes to generating leads from internet.

Mobile Strategy # 2 – The perfect formula of getting non stop customers through Google, Yahoo, Bing & Facebook. Most security companies make this mistake, and it cost them time and money. (This formula helped a security company exceed their yearly revenue within 60 days when implemented at the right time.)

Mobile Strategy # 3 – A PROVEN strategy for increasing your call volume by up to 4 times without spending another thin dime on buying traffic.

Mobile Strategy # 4 – The secret to increasing redemption rate of your coupons by up to TEN times. (hint, hint: it’s not what you think)

Mobile Strategy # 4 – How it’s often more profitable to do the exact polar opposite of what your competitors are doing, especially in Internet Marketing.

Mobile Strategy # 5 – How to rank your website number ONE on Google by leveraging the new Google algorithm update as of April 21st.

Mobile Strategy # 6 – A pure genuis jedi-mind trick clever idea guaranteed to get your prospect’s attention (A strategy used by some of the most successful companies in America like Amazon & eBay.

So if you desire proven online and offline security marketing strategies, then…

You’ll get all this and much more for giving my Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club Program the old college try!

As always, watching your Six!

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