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K.I.S.S, Facebook and Marketing…..What???

This smackdown is going back a few years to my days in high school. I was a pretty rowdy kid when I was growing up and I remember going to keg parties way up in the woods at a local hangout spot called “Soap Hill” in my hometown of Grafton, Mass.  These parties were always late at night and were real fun. I would have my ‘73 Barracuda with the 8 track player going full-tilt to the song by KISS called “Rock & Roll All Night and Party Every Day.”  And I always went to these parties with my good friend Mike “Loops.”


After high school, Mike went on to college and picked up a couple of advanced degrees in engineering and took on a corporate gig.  Not me. I enlisted in the Air Force and acquired the skills of an electronic security systems tech and, after 5 years serving overseas, I got out and picked up my state master electrician’s license and eventually started my own security company.  I always knew the importance of marketing, but when I started out I didn’t have a clue how to do it effectively and drive clients to my door. I got my marketing education “on the streets,”  learning first-hand from some of the best direct response marketers and copywriters in the biz and then tailoring their concepts to meet my niche in the security industry. Every night – for years – I studied my tail off learning the art of Direct Response Marketing (yes it is an art!). During the day, I implemented the strategies I learned, then tested, tweaked, refined and re-implemented the hell out of the security marketing systems I built, until I could put my security company on ‘auto-pilot’ with a steady stream of new jobs and new clients coming through my pipeline. When I say my security marketing programs are “tried and true”  I’m not kiddin’ around!

In the Air Force we’d use the K.I.S.S. method for training new military personal. What does the acronym K.I.S.S. stand for, you may ask? –  Keep It Simple Stupid. If there’s one successful organization out there that you could model your security company after, it would be the U.S. Military. Think about it… they have a system in place where the bulk of the work is done by 18-24 year-old kids. It’s run by older, higher ranking officers and there is a script, a plan A-Z, or rule for everything – even for how you go to “the can,” which leaves no room for error.  Everyone is on the same page!  The military has franchised this process to the tee.  Whatever branch or location you are in, they are run the same – just like good old McDonalds. Hey I wonder where McDonalds got the idea…..hmmm?

Roll The Dice Anyone?
The other day I had a lengthy conversation with one of my Security Maverick Coaching Club members about his sales force.  He uses roll playing with his sales team.  If you have a sales team and your team does roll playing…the days of roll playing are over.  How can you role play in this economy?  I’m sorry, but motivating sales reps, chanting, writing slogans on the board, walking on fire and then patting everyone on the butt and sending them out the door to sell ain’t gonna work in this economy.  You need solid advice and marketing tools to get the phones ringing!

Don't Gamble On Bigshot Copywriters For Your Security Marketing!And when I say solid marketing tools, I mean marketing systems designed by someone who really knows their stuff.  One of the most important marketing tools to employ is a proven direct marketing piece written by a professional direct response copywriter who is seasoned in the security marketing industry and has the brass tacks to close a deal – when it counts!  You can find many copywriters, but ask yourself this:  What do they really know about your market – the security installation market?  Do they know your target market and understand your clients’ security concerns?  They damn-well better if they’re crafting a message to them!

One thing that really annoys me about most copywriters and marketing people is how they claim to be so wonderful and have won so many awards! It’s such a joke! One of the biggest marketing awards is called the SAMMY award.  There are many marketing professionals who can claim the fame of having won this illustrious award.  So what does it mean for someone to have won a Sammy?  The award is based on the “look” of a direct marketing piece – not on the results it brings in.  So, if it looks good, it wins?  I don’t get it.  Shouldn’t a marketing piece be judged by the response rate it pulls in or the website traffic it creates, or how about this….what it actually brought in for sales – its revenue creation? That’s the success I’m talking about! Last time I checked, my business’s bank account only takes checks for deposits  – not awards.  Besides, any truly good marketing professional would know that the graphic design component of a direct marketing piece is done last in the creation process.  Maybe I’m ranting here, but….shouldn’t there be an award based on monetary results – like “the million-dollar revenue-generating marketing piece award”? MDRGMPA, a little title-heavy, but worthy of an award – don’t ya think?  The security marketing pieces I’ve created have been tried, tested, tweaked and refined – IN THE SECURITY AREA – on my tab – to bring in the maximum amount of dinero to your wallet and worthy of the latter mentioned award.  Enough said.

What’s Included In The March Issue of The SSN…
In the March issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, I’m including a live direct mail/handout piece that I’ve successfully used over the years to close a ton of higher-end residential security systems.  There are only 35 words on this piece, but they’ve been cunningly crafted for maximum sales impact. This piece will knock down the walls of doubt and fear all potential clients have when calling a new security installer (you) and also strengthen the relationship you have with your existing client-base.

Remember what I said about the U.S. Military always having everything scripted down to the tee?  Well, I’m also including in the March issue a nineteen (19) Point Pre-Sales Selling Script that you can use, prior to showing up at your prospect’s door to conduct your security audit, to set the stage for your arrival.  It’s so dang easy to use, the whole family can sell with it! Your techs can become mini-sales reps for you by utilizing this handout and sales script, enabling you to dynamically increase your ‘sales force’ without having to hire any more staff.

And, because I’m feeling so chipper today due to the wonderful spring weather we’re having here, I’m going to throw in another marketing piece…it’s a ten (10) Point Script you’ll use as a guide to following up after the sale. This script will make your new clients feel all “warm and fuzzy” about you.  Heck, maybe they’ll get chipper and start bragging to their family and friends about how they’ve got the best security company in town!  Remember a happy, chipper client tells on average 9 others about their happy experiences and who they are happy with. And a teed-off client can tell up to double that amount about their bad experiences – you certainly don’t want that happening!

If you’re not presently a subscriber to my Smokin Security Newsletter, I suggest you get on board NOW!  There’s a special sign up bonus – for a measly dollar you can sign up and get your hands on these awesome marketing tools I’m including in the March issue that will help you guys start closing more residential and commercial sales in these rough times!  Bob I want the Smokin’ Security Newsletter!

Oh, and by the way, I bumped into my old friend Mike Loops recently on facebook. He’s been doing well, until recently.  He just got laid off and is looking for new employment.  I sometimes used to wonder if college and the corporate gig was for me. Looking at it now, I really don’t think so. Fast forwarding 20 years + from my senior year of high school, I own three businesses, I can come and go as I please, and I don’t have to worry about answering to anyone, but my wife and two beautiful daughters. And, if I’m going to get laid off, then I’ll be the one letting myself go…not someone else. I have the power to make or break my security company and so, my friend, do you! – even in this economy.  One last thing – if you don’t have a facebook account set up, I suggest you get one.  There’s a lot of business to be had, if done the right way.  My coaching members and I are finding a lot of unique opportunities in social media. Hey, if you want, send me a friend request…go a head and do so now! Join my Security Marketing Group.

I’ll end this Smack Down with one of my favorite quotes by Jim Rohn “The book you miss could cost you a fortune!” and might I add, “If you miss this month’s issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, it will cost you a bundle.”

Peace Out,

Bob Maunsell

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