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Learn A Simple Doctor Technique To Increase Your Sales

I have rather a contrarian approach to sales. I’m of the mindset that “Sales Success” comes from within not from a far-off distant planet called dealer program, branding, or iPad and tablet presentation.

I personally love technology, but I don’t rely on technology. When it comes time to razzle and dazzle your prospects and clients with the newest cutting-edge technology, it’s useful and necessary to educate your prospects and clients about the latest apps, and super cool mega-pixel cameras, home automation, and intrusion detection equipment on your iPad or tablet.

But if you’re relying on your pre-canned iPad or tablet presentation to do your selling for you, then you’re in deep doo-doo, my friend. Let’s assume all your competitors are using iPads and tablets in their presentations (which they are). There goes your edge. Therefore, we come right back to the low-bottom pricing commodity game, where all the dealers and sales reps look, talk, and walk the same way. We are right back at “inbred sales strategies.” If everyone is selling the same way, then, by golly, you’re not distinguishing yourself from your competition.

I personally believe that if you’re doing EBSS (Education Based Security Selling) to new prospects or long-time clients, then you need to educate folks with an iPad | tablet and also a good ol’ fashion clipboard. Let me explain…

Security Sales Rep vs. Security Consultant Method Of Selling
The Security Sales Rep has a slick iPad presentation to do his selling, and relies on pre-canned sales lines to hopefully browbeat the prospect into submission.

The Security Expert / Consultant, on the other hand, also has a “Clipboard” where he or she is able to engage in dialogue, diagnosis, take notes, prescribe, design layout, and make his or her client-specific recommendations on a pad of paper.

Help Me Doctor…

Doctors have the highest level of prestige factor in the country (car salesmen and real estate agents have the lowest). When you think of a doctor consulting with a patient and helping them with their ailments, what imagery comes to mind? Most of you picture a doctor wearing his white coat or scrubs holding a clipboard. The image of a doctor holding a clipboard is ingrained in most of our minds. And the cognitive processing that we all have of that imagery is of an educated, professional, reputable and expert lifesaver.

So, what do you think the prospect thinks about you or your sales reps when you show up with a clipboard and utilize it to assist with the sales presentation and custom recommendations? Let me answer that, they think you are an educated, experienced, reputable & knowledgeable security company and the go-to-guy (or gal) for their security needs.

Doc Bob Giving His Custom Recommendations

Doc Bob Giving His Custom Recommendations

The Power Of A Clipboard
What I’ve found is that if you incorporate an iPad/tablet into your sales presentation and couple it with a clipboard, where you can storyboard a system layout and make specific recommendations, then your sales will skyrocket!

Tattoo This Underneath Your Skin
Use your God-given talents agility, brains, confidence, personality, charisma, chutzpah, intelligence, guile, and humility to close the sale, Use everything you got inside of you, to get everything you want in life!

Stay thirsty for security marketing & business-building, strategies – my friend!

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