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Learn How To Compete Against The Free Security System Companies

Taking Down Low-Ballers & Truck Slammers Rambo-Style
3 Strategies for Selling Security Systems Against “Low Ball” Competitors

I probably get asked these questions every which way to Sunday: “How do I compete against other security dealers, like the low-ballers, trunk slammers, the telemarketers, door knockers, and the guys who just give away free systems cuz they don’t know how to sell their junk at higher prices?” And, “How do I sell to clients that price-shop?”

By the way, you can sign up for my FREE 5 Day e-course “10 Steps To Selling At Higher Prices Then Your Competition” over in the right sidebar for a more comprehensive answer. But, let me give you the cliff note version….

Firstly, you have to create an “apples to oranges” comparison by value-adding to your security services. Secondly, you need to NOT be perceived as being in the commodities business cuz, if you are, your clients buying decision is going to be based on price alone…the lowest price always wins in the commodity business.

To successfully convert prospects into paying clients, you need to differentiate your company and security services from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, you can’t do it by differentiating the products because, in many cases, all the rest of the pack are quoting the same products (like, Honeywell, GE, DSC.) And, as you know, what happens in a bidding war with like products (and nothing else differentiated) is that it’s a race to the bottom…and whoever’s cheapest gets the sale. Bad place to be in!

To overcome this situation, you have to create differentiation in your business and services. There are three things you MUST do:

1) A Security Audit – The actual on-site analysis you conduct to create a quote. Probably not much different from the competitions. Well, that has to change! From now on, start offering a “Security Audit” A FREE on-site audit that will identify all security “weak spots” and safety vulnerabilities and will give your prospects the vital information needed for designing and providing the right system for their security needs.

I have a FREE proprietary 32 Point Security Audit that does just that. And, let me tell you, no other security dealer/installer around offers such an extensive audit! It certainly differentiates me from the rest of the pack and has awarded me many, many jobs! BTW, I also hand out a FREE “Vacation Checklist” that gives security tips to secure homes while away on vacation and a FREE “Top Tips to Prevent Burglary Checklist” that highlights tips on how to prevent invasions and “soft sells” security services! All three pieces are handed out together. These hand-outs reinforce my marketing message (that I want to educate my clients so they can make well-informed decisions on their security needs) and confirms that I am the “Security Guru.”

Now, to make it easy for you to employ this killer strategy….all three (3) of these pieces are available to you, for use, in the November issue of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter. If you’re not a member, you can get the current issue plus two back issues (including the November issue) for just $5.95!

2) Six (6) Part Security Performance Guarantee…next, you have to have a killer guarantee for the quality and results of the security services you offer.

(A) 153% Satisfaction Guarantee – We offer a full, unconditional refund of your installation fee and removal of our equipment from your premises if, for any reason, within six months after installation you are dissatisfied with our security system. We’ll also throw in a $100 gift certificate to the Outback Steak House for the inconvenience that we put you through.

(B) We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is – We are extremely dedicated to protecting all of our clients, therefore, we offer you $500.00 for any loss incurred, by your home or business, if an undetected forced-entry occurs and the proper authority is not notified.

(C) “The Whole Enchilada” Service Warranty – We offer a one-year, complete “bumper-to-bumper” service warranty for your new security system. That means the parts, labor, travel and even gasoline and tolls are on us.

(D) Fanatical Emergency Service Guarantee – Within two (2) hours of your emergency service request, in our normal service area. We will pay you $50.00 (or a $50 gift certificate of your choice) if we do not respond in this time frame.

(E) Round-the-Clock Equipment Protection – if we need to remove equipment for repair, we will not leave your system inoperable. We will install loaner equipment to keep your system up-and-running.

(F) False Alarm Fine Guarantee – If you receive a false alarm fine due to our monitoring company dispatch and not caused by you, your personnel, the telephone company or an Act of God, we will represent you in getting the fine null and voided or will pay the fine out of our own pocket.

3) Lastly, you need to incorporate #1 and #2 into the initial meeting, with your prospects, to “wow” them and let them see how much more competent and committed your security company is over all the competition.

Special Forces MindSet: There’s Always A Way In and There’s Always A Way Out
And now that you have a John Rambo, First Blood, Special Forces-style take-down of the “low-ball” competition, why don’t you start 2011off right by giving my Smokin’ Security Newsletter a shot? The monthly newsletter you miss might just cost you a small fortune.

Here’s why: I just received this unsolicited email from a “newbie” to my security newsletter who is kickin’ up a storm with Bob Maunsell-style security marketing!

“Bob, I have a new security business just 1 year old, I’m using the ideas I have been getting from you, the client newsletter worked great. I had one prospective customer who was on the fence but after receiving my newsletter I got a call that they were looking at the newsletter and wanted me to come and give them the 32 point security audit, I did and made the sale. I have enjoyed the three monthly Smokin’ Security Newsletters I have recieved so far, all with great ideas!
Thanks for all your help. Jerome Price, Night Watchman Security Services, Dumas, TX”

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